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You need the right team of legal mechanics to keep the wheels of commerce moving.


Every day, millions of transactions between consumers and sellers occur seamlessly, without a hitch. Behind each simple sale is a seller who has worked hard to earn the trust of the consumer, and to create the supporting infrastructure for that sale. Everything from employing staff, procurement, logistics, acquiring premises, building your online platform, managing your brand and intellectual property, franchising, product liability, cyber security, competition and consumer law, diversifying into new fields… it's a lot.

We know. We've worked with some of the largest B2C retailers in the world, and seen first-hand what they do – and helped them to do it.

Whether you're an established consumer business, a new kid on the block, or looking to expand your focus, we'll bring together the right team for you. Remember that easy transaction your customer has? That's what we want you to have when you're dealing with us.

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