ESG & Sustainable Business

Building a sustainable and resilient future is one of the world's most urgent transformational challenges.


As we build that future, our role, contribution and impact will not only be heavily scrutinised by regulators, but by a broad range of stakeholders including shareholders, employees, communities, our peers and activist groups.

But implementing sustainable ESG practices into your business is no longer just a "nice to have" or "ethical" decision – it creates real risk but also real opportunity, both reputational and financial.

We work with our clients across the full spectrum of complex, multifaceted and fast-moving ESG issues – from the rise of climate related litigation to the sustainability and resilience of supply chains, including financial reporting and director duties – to embed ESG into their governance frameworks, and build a more sustainable business, and future.

Our approach to ESG is reflected in the ways we're trying to meet our own ESG responsibilities: from diversity and inclusion to environmental sustainability, firm governance to reconciliation, the community and pro bono.

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