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We can take you through the move from theory to practice and the challenging jump to a commercial law firm, through programs for every stage of your study and beyond.

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Imagine your tomorrow

Sometimes it's hard enough to know where you will be tomorrow, let alone in ten years. Who knows what the world will look like then.

But you know you want to be ready for it. You want to help create it. That means building up your legal skills, industry knowledge and networks. Doing work that stretches you and shapes society. Learning more about yourself and the world. Forging connections in Australia and overseas. Making friends. We get that. It's what we do every day.

Let us help you do it too. We can take you through the move from theory to practice and the challenging jump to a commercial law firm, through programs for every stage of your study and beyond.
CU up close program

I'm part way through my degree and want an insight to life at Clayton Utz

I'm in my penultimate year and am interested in a clerkship

Clerkship program

I'm in my last year and looking for a graduate position 

I'm a First Nations law student and looking for casual work


I'm a law student looking for flexible work

 Forensic Technology Services paralegal

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Clayton Utz Insider

A podcast by graduates, for graduates: Don't take our word for it – take theirs

In law school you learn a lot about what it means to be a lawyer, but don’t actually understand what it means to practice law. The purpose of this podcast is to really bridge the gap between what you study at university and what it's like to practice day-to-day.

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Recruitment tips & tricks

Looking after yourself in recruitment season
From applications to assessments and exams - it's all happening at once! Find out useful tips to help manage pressure and how to harness it for your own success.
Preparing the best application
Taking the time to prepare your application for clerkships, internships and other work gives you the best chance to stand out to recruiters. Here are some top tips to assist in your preparation.
Knowing your performance zone
Hear from our National Mental Health manager on how to stay in control of your performance zone during recruitment season.
Preparing for an interview
Congratulations, you've been invited for an interview! Find out how to maximise your performance with proper preparation.
Performing in an interview
We know that interviews can be nerve-racking. Read our tips on how to help calm your nerves and ensure you showcase your best self on the day.
Getting the most out of networking events
Networking events can be daunting, pushing you outside of your comfort zone. Learn top tips from our Client Relationship Manger which help you find your own networking style and maximise your experience.
Preparing for offer day
The lead-up to offer day can be both exciting and anxious. Read our tips to help ensure you are clear on the decision you will make and avoid on-the-day panic and last-minute questioning.
Performing on the job
So you're about to commence your clerkship, and you want to make the most out of the opportunity? Our Deputy Chief Executive Partner shares his top tips to demonstrate your strengths, perform on the job and maximise your clerkship experience.
Insider's Guide to the Clerkship Program
In this series of videos, our former clerks provide insight into their clerkship experience and interview tips.
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