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About 10% of Australia's GDP is spent on health. What are we getting for that? We get more than just a trip to the doctor, that's for sure. Modern healthcare encompasses extraordinary technical advances, commercialisation, patents, trade marks and other IP, and a highly regulated pharmaceutical sector.

There's innovation too in the way health services are developed and delivered, from research and health precincts through to healthcare infrastructure such as hospitals or aged care homes which integrate the latest technology with old-fashioned care and compassion. For those running a healthcare facility, there are also medical negligence and disciplinary proceedings. Underlying it all is the need to protect, manage and utilise vast amounts of sensitive data within strict privacy laws. And then there are the business issues: corporate governance, real estate acquisition, planning approvals, investments, and exit strategies.

We might not be able to solve physical headaches as easily as you can, but we know how to deal with the legal headaches – and even stop them from happening.

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