Christy Miller

Clayton Utz
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Christy Miller is an outstanding lawyer. I have had the pleasure of working with her now for several years and she still manages to exceed herself and deliver beyond expectation.

– Non-Executive Director, Council owned entity


Christy is a distinguished specialist in industrial relations, employment, discrimination, and work health and safety law. Renowned for her pragmatic legal and strategic advice, Christy's extensive expertise spans a diverse range of industries, from the university / education sector to health and government at all levels. With a focus on minimising risks and liabilities, Christy excels in providing innovative solutions and guidance to public and private sector clients alike, positioning herself as a go-to authority in navigating complex legal landscapes.

Notable Work
  • Various clients: assisting a number of clients with underpayment reviews and compliance projects that spans enterprise agreement interpretation issues, management and remediation of potential resulting underpayments and significant analysis and advice work on a variety of issues.
  • Assisting Universities: identify compliance, risks, undertake workplace investigationsand providing ongoing employment and industrial support.
  • Supported Statutory entities and Government Departments: across many aspects of policy development, contractor management, disciplinary appeals, and investigations general employment and industrial advice and assistance.
  • Submissions to the Queensland Human Rights Commission: Christy has assisted clients make submissions on the issue of religious freedoms including preserving protections for religious organisations.
  • Mercy Community Services: Christy aids with complex employment and industrial issues crafting a robust strategy amidst a changing legal landscape.
  • Various clients: undertaken a range of work to assist clients minimise exposure to workplace grievances and disputation arising from allegations of bullying, discrimination and harassment.
  • Various Governments: provided an array of assistance to Governments at all levels to manage Public Interest Disclosures, provide advice in relation to management of grievances, including multiple complex intersecting complaints and allegations of reprisal and proposed disciplinary action.
  • Various clients: with a keen understanding of discrimination issues, Christy adeptly defends public and private sector clients before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and The Federal Court.
  • Queensland Government departments: Christy has led workplace relations transformation projects involving the analysis, mapping and recalibration of the Department's investigation and disciplinary process framework.
  • Various clients: managing contractor misclassification litigation in the Federal Circuit Court.
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