Commercial Contracts for Non-Lawyers


Sydney: 1 May 2018 |
21 June 2018 | 21 August 2018 |
23 October 2018 | 6 December 2018

7 June 2018 |
7 August 2018 | 11 October 2018 |
27 November 2018

Darwin: 6 September 2018


8.15am for 8.30am - 4.45pm


$1,346 per person
$1,212 per person if booking two weeks before the workshop
$1,144 per person if in a group of three or more


Sydney: Level 15, 1 Bligh Street
Level 28, Riparian Plaza,
71 Eagle Street

Darwin: Hilton Darwin, 32 Mitchell Street

Further information: Phone 1800 882 110 

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

Sydney: 6 June 2017 |
3 August 2017 | 17 October 2017 |
5 December 2017

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Commercial agreements play a vital role in achieving successful business results.

If you’re involved in commercial contracting or deal with external parties at any level, you need to be aware of the legal implications to ensure you don’t expose your organisation to unnecessary risk.

This popular workshop has been specifically designed for non-lawyers who need to learn the fundamental legal elements of commercial contracts.

Who should attend?

  • People who work with agreements on a routine basis without understanding the reasons and risks associated with the underlying principles
  • General business operators, procurement officers, commercial contract administrators and lease managers.

No previous legal training is required, merely an exposure to general corporate commercial operations.

What we’ll cover

  • Contract fundamentals
    • How contracts are created
    • When is a contract created and what is required?
  • Standard term contracts – the role and uses
    • What is their normal structure?
    • What are the typical traps?
  • The impact of statutes and other regulatory industry code requirements
  • An analysis of your business
    • Your requirements and obligations
    • How to implement the effective use of contracts
    • Steps for contractual administration
  • An illustration of how to help yourself
    • Drafting exercises
    • The role of plain language
    • The market expectations
    • The role and use of boilerplate terms
    • How to look for collateral issues (eg. GST, consumer obligations, insurance)
    • When to get help
  • Breaches, remedies and liabilities
    • What are the consequences of a breach and what are the remedies?
    • What is the interaction between contractual and tortious liabilities?

What you’ll learn

  • A basic knowledge of the principles underlying commercial contracts
  • Skills for the practical application of those principles in day-to-day business dealings
  • The fundamentals of drafting contracts and analysis of contractual risks.

What our clients say

"Engaging and intellectually stimulating. Draws on real life experiences and scenarios which participants can empathise with.”

“Excellent course, best I have done in 20 years on contracts / management.”

“Excellent presenter, engaging, knowledgeable with relevant examples to explain the theory.”

"Very knowledgeable presenter who drew on personal experience. Good mix of theory and practical examples."

"Tony is a first-rate facilitator who is an expert on the subject. Excellent job, well done and thanks."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the content extremely valuable."

"Very comprehensive material covered in one day session."

"Fantastic, practical course. Very worthwhile."

Support when you need it the most

As a participant of our program you'll have comfort in knowing that you can depend on us for ongoing support. Whether it be two weeks or two years after the workshop, you can call us at any time for a short, no-cost consultation.