The Clayton Utz Art Partnership – Sydney

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership brings together a unique collaboration between two outstanding Australian artists and our firm.

Sixth Sydney Exhibition: Jasper Knight and Amber Boardman

In the sixth exhibition we were thrilled to be featuring artworks by internationally renowned artists, Jasper Knight and Amber Boardman. This unique pairing creates thematic and stylistic dialogues whilst also reflecting the artists’ friendship and admiration of each other’s work.

Seven times Archibald finalist, Knight is known for his bold use of primary colour and industrial subjects, while Boardman’s figurative paintings examine crowd behaviour and the influence of the internet on ever changing social norms.


Jasper Knight       Amber Boardman   

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Fifth Sydney Exhibition: Reg Mombassa and David Griggs

In our fifth Sydney exhibition we featured  artworks by two internationally acclaimed artists Christopher O'Doherty, also know as Reg Mombassa and David Griggs. Amongst his broad practice, Reg is well known for the iconic designs of the famous Mambo clothing brand. Griggs is famous for his bold, anarchistic paintings and exhibiting in international museums such as the Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2019.

Reg Mombassa, is an Australian musician and artist. He is known for his membership in bands Mental as Anything, Dog Trumpet and The Pinks. He worked with Mambo Graphics designing T-shirts and posters since 1986 and exhibited paintings, drawings and prints at Watters Gallery from 1975 to 2018.

Beneath the humour in his work lies the expression of serious insights and sympathies. O’Doherty’s oeuvre is shaped from allegorical landscapes that create lingering, enigmatic sensations to both invite and unsettle his audience. His depictions of the familiar Australian landscape are imbued with an atmosphere of the immaterial to build a soft pulsing anticipation and gnawing stillness within his work. In the words of Australian art historian Chris McAuliffe, “In O’Doherty’s hands, every horizon hides an unreachable place where we long to be, every hillside implies an opposing slope that we’ll never know”.

Famous for his bold, anarchistic approach, David Griggs’ unique blend of portraiture, political imagery and vernacular motifs explore the darker side of the human condition. Combining humour and dark imagery, David Griggs presents truths of the darker undercurrents of human existence.

David Griggs presented a major survey exhibition BETWEEN NATURE AND SIN at Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW, which is touring NSW. His work is often collaborative, engaging directly with communities while remaining sensitive to the ethical and moral obligations this demands. For 10 years Griggs resided in the Philippines  and has created a significant body of work traversing painting, photography and film that reveals the social hierarchies and underground culture of his adopted home. He is currently living and working in Sydney.


Reg Mombassa          David Griggs          Photo gallery

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Fourth Sydney Exhibition: Neil Frazer and Telly Tu'u

March 2019 - August 2019Our fourth exhibition featured artists Neil Frazer and Telly Tu'u.

Neil Frazer is an award-winning artist who focuses on large-scale, abstract landscape artwork. Neil has been bestowed with accolades and scholarships including the People's Choice Award at the Fleurieu Art Prize and prestigious Fulbright Travel grant to study at the New York Studio School.

Telly Tu'u is a contemporary painter, whose works are increasingly abstract, interjected with intermittent flat or figurative elements.  His paintings concentrate on the vigorous force of the painting gesture, with reverberating billowing fields which create their own energy and atmosphere.  Tu'u is a Sydney-based artist of Samoan, Chinese, Tokelau and Tuvalu descent.  He has exhibited in Sydney and New Zealand and his work is included in various collections including Artbank Australia, The James Wallace Arts Trust, The University of Canterbury.  Tu'u is represented by King Street Gallery on William in Sydney, Bowen Galleries in Wellington.


Neil Frazer          Telly Tu'u       Photo gallery

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Third Sydney Exhibition: Euan Macleod and Vanessa Stockard

October 2018 - March 2019: Our third exhibition featured artists Euan Macleod and Vanessa Stockard.

Euan's work is featured in prominent collections across the trans-Tasman region and globally, and he has received numerous prestigious accolades over the course of his career, including the Archibald Prize (1999) and the Sulman Prize (2001). This exhibition showcases 36 of his works.

Complementing Euan's artworks are 58 pieces, including 21 self-portraits, by young career artist and two time Archibald Prize finalist Vanessa Stockard. Vanessa is a still life, portrait and landscape painter with an upcoming exhibition in Miami.


Euan Macleod       Vanessa Stockard       Vanessa Stockard (self-portraits)   Photo gallery

Please contact Max Germanos from 333 Art Projects if you wish to purchase any of the artworks featured in the catalogues.

Second Sydney Exhibition: Jason Benjamin and Nick Collerson

April 2018 – September 2018: Our second exhibition featured artists Jason Benjamin and Nick Collerson.

A five-time Archibald Prize finalist, Jason's work has attracted considerable international acclaim. Many of the 32 artworks on display at the firm's 1 Bligh Street premises were completed especially for The Clayton Utz Art Partnership exhibition. Jason's last commercial gallery exhibition in Sydney was in 2014.

Nick is a young career artist who teaches art at the National Art School and was the 2014 winner of the Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize. 32 of his artworks on were on display during our second exhibition.

Nick also participated in the firm's artist-in-residence, giving Clayton Utz people and clients the opportunity to see him at work.   


Jason Benjamin      Nick Collerson   Photo gallery

Please contact Max Germanos from 333 Art Projects if you wish to purchase any of the artworks featured in the catalogues.

Inaugural Exhibition: Wendy Sharpe and Clara Adolphs

September 2017 – March 2018: Our inaugural exhibition featured the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Wendy Sharpe and the exciting emerging artist Clara Adolphs.

It featured 37 artworks by figurative artist Wendy Sharpe. An internationally acclaimed artist, Wendy has received numerous prestigious scholarships and awards, including The Sulman Prize (1986) and The Archibald Prize (1996).

Wendy's exhibition was complemented by 30 artworks from Clara Adolphs, a figurative artist who is emerging across the Australian arts scene and was the recent recipient of the 2017 Eva Breuer Travelling Art Scholarship. 

Clara also participated in the firm's inaugural Artist-in-Residence program, regularly working from a modified workspace at the firm's Sydney premises, which is renowned for its design and use of natural light.   


Wendy Sharpe      Clara Adolphs   Photo gallery

Please contact Max Germanos from 333 Art Projects if you wish to purchase any of the artworks featured in the catalogues.

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