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Clayton Utz Partner , Melbourne T +61 3 9286 6376

As a specialist in government procurement, construction and facilities management and maintenance contracting, Jo Teagle acts for government clients across all aspects of facilities management including the procurement and outsourcing of services across a wide range of assets, such as social housing, defence, energy, prisons and courts, and commercial property.

Her clients appreciate Jo's in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of government, gained from having worked with State and Commonwealth Government agencies for many years, including in senior in-house legal positions within NSW Government.

Jo is recognised as an industry expert in the social housing sector, with 20 years' experience working in and advising the sector on its contracting, policy and procurement requirements.

Her work with Government has extended to helping it comply with its clean-up, recovery and remediation requirements arising from natural disasters, such as the Black Saturday and Wye River bushfires.

Complementing this is Jo's recognised expertise in the various legislative frameworks around Australia for Work, Health and Safety (WHS), particularly the practical implications and application of WHS legislation to her clients' operations.

Jo also has extensive experience advising clients on the Building Code 2016 and its application to various contracting arrangements.

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Construction and Major Projects

Social Housing

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) (Victoria) – Property Maintenance Services Contracts: Jo has been advising DFFH since 2010 on its maintenance service delivery requirements for its public housing assets. This work has included preparing a report regarding property maintenance services options, drafting the property maintenance services agreement and RFT documentation, advising regarding the KPIs and finalising the legal drafting/execution versions of the agreements.

Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) (NSW) – Asset Maintenance Services Contract: Jo advised LAHC on its Asset Maintenance Contract. Her work included contract drafting, and advice regarding tender evaluation, negotiation strategy, compliance with NSW Government procurement policy and the performance management framework.

WA Housing Authority (WAH) – Maintenance Services and Works Agreement: Jo advised WAH on its Maintenance Services and Works Agreement, including reviewing the Housing Authority's maintenance contracting arrangements, including on industry best practice, procurement strategies, contract drafting, pricing mechanisms, contract management, negotiation strategy and risk allocation.

Land and Housing Corporation (NSW) – Social Housing Management Transfers: Jo is advising LAHC on its transfer of management rights in respect of social housing dwellings to Community Housing Providers, including advising the bespoke leasing arrangements, risk allocation regarding latent conditions and change in law and asset management requirements.

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (Victoria) – Maintenance Compliance and Property Condition Outsourcing: Jo advised on the outsourcing of internal compliance and assurance management functions for DFFH social housing asset maintenance and the outsourcing of property condition assessments for social housing assets.

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (Victoria) – Business Case Property Maintenance Services: Jo led the team that advised DFFH on its Review of Property Maintenance Services, which involved a review of its current operations and delivery of property maintenance services. She recommended options and strategies for improvements to the contracting/procurement and service delivery models for property maintenance services.

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (Victoria) – Goods and Services Contracts: Jo has advised DFFH on various goods and services outsourcing, including the bulk supply of smoke alarms, outsourcing of program management services to manage DFFH's lift and automatic door contracts, fire hazard maintenance, cleaning and gardening, upgrading of rooming houses and the supply of mechanical services, including drafting the RFT documentation, procurement and evaluation documentation and the contract documentation associated with each project.

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) (Victoria) – Management Transfers Project: Jo is advising DFFH on its Public Housing Management Transfers Project for public housing (transfer to community housing associations), including on procurement strategy and contracting models and legislative compliance issues such as privacy and building/servicing-related requirements.

Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) (Victoria) – Social Housing Growth Fund: Jo is a strategic adviser on the social housing growth fund project. Her work has included advising on the composition of the social housing and community housing sectors, reviewing submissions, and advising on capacity and capability of the community housing sector.

SA Housing Authority – Multi Trade Maintenance Contract: Jo advised the South Australian Housing Authority on its Multi Trade Maintenance Contract and conducting a review of that model to recommend improvements and innovations such as value for money and pricing and performance management models. The review included stakeholder consultation, review and consideration of current state, an interim report of current state and options analysis, and a final report of recommendations.

Facilities Management and Services Contracting

Energy Queensland (EQ) – Non-Network Assets Services Agreement: Jo advised on EQ's procurement of Non-Network Infrastructure Services – property management and facilities maintenance services (for its portfolio of Non-Network Infrastructure Assets (including corporate offices, depots, substations and its residential housing portfolio), including drafting the EOI and RFT documentation, the Services Agreement and Performance Management framework.

Department of Treasury and Finance (Victoria) – Real Estate and Facilities Management Services Agreement: Jo advised DTF on its procurement of real estate and facilities maintenance services for DTF's portfolio of properties owned, leased and occupied by Victorian Government Departments. Drafted the services agreement, reviewed and advised on the EOI and RFT and evaluation process and negotiation of final agreement terms.

Department of Justice (DOJ) (NSW) – Infrastructure Support Services Project: Jo is advising DOJ on its Infrastructure Support Services project, including drafting the services agreement and performance management framework, and advising on procurement strategy, EOI and RFT documentation and evaluation.

Housing WA (WAH) – Remote Essential Services (REMS) and Municipal Services (MUNS) and Diesel Fuel Supply Agreements: Jo advised WAH on its procurement of municipal services and essential services to remote indigenous communities. Jo also advised on contract and specification drafting, performance management framework and RFT documentation and tender evaluation and negotiation of final agreement terms.

Defence Housing Authority (DHA) – Review of Maintenance Contracting Arrangements: Jo advised DHA on its maintenance contracting arrangements, including reviewing current contract model and procurement strategy and proposing options for service delivery.

Department of Defence – CMS Contract: Jo advised on the outsourcing of facilities management and maintenance of its Defence Bases; and on various Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts, including on contract terms and conditions, and negotiations with preferred tenderers.

NSW Department of Education (DET) – Facilities Management Contracting Model: Jo advised on the facilities asset management contract model to be adopted for the delivery of maintenance and cleaning services to DET properties, including drafting a report with recommendations on contracting models, procurement strategies and contract management arrangements for maintenance service delivery.

Natural Disasters

Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority: Jo advised the State Government on all aspects of the clean-up process and managing contractor contract for the Black Saturday bushfires, including contract management and administration advice.

Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) / Emergency Management (Victoria): Jo advised DTF on the clean-up contracting arrangements arising from the Wye River bushfire, including on risk allocation, clean-up standards and applicable legislation, and also drafted the contract administration manual.

See Construction and Major Projects

Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety

Department of Defence – Suite of Contracts: Jo has been the legal adviser to Defence since 2011 on work health and safety (WHS) and the harmonised WHS legislation. Her work for Defence has included advising on the duties imposed on Defence, duties and obligations of officers, the obligation to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate activities, the meaning of "so far as is reasonably practicable", principal contractor obligations, and the duty of due diligence. She also drafted WHS clauses for its suite of contracts.

Department of Defence – CASG: As legal adviser to CASG since 2011 on WHS and the harmonised WHS legislation, Jo has advised on matters including regarding principal contractor obligations, the duty of due diligence, the meaning of "so far as reasonable practicable" and complex disposal matters. She also drafted the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) standard form WHS clauses.

Department of Defence – WHS – Remediation/EO/UXO: Jo advised on the WHS requirements for its suite of Remediation Contracts, Explosive Ordnance contracting and UXO contracting arrangements including regarding WHS legislation compliance. She also advised on the hazardous chemicals WHS issues associated with the Point Cook Remediation Project.

Department of Finance: Jo advised the Department of Finance on the WHS legislation, including on Principal Contractor obligations. As part of her work with Finance, Jo has also delivered numerous training sessions on the WHS legislation and its application to the Department's activities.

Building code

Department of Defence – Building Code 2016: Jo has advised Defence on the Building Code 2016 since its introduction (and previous National Code and Building Code 2013). Her work includes drafting advice, amending the Suite of Contract tender and contract documentation, meeting with and liaising with the ABCC, and drafting correspondence to the ABCC, tenderers and contractors. She has also advised on WRMP requirements, funding entity obligations, the extraterritorial application of the Building Code 2016, and conducted training workshops for key CFI Branch staff on the Building Code 2016.

See Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety


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