Claire Kosack

Clayton Utz
Special Counsel Brisbane

Claire is an experienced lawyer with over a decade of expertise in industrial, safety, and employment law. She provides expert counsel to a diverse clientele, spanning government agencies and private sector companies in various industries. Claire excels in managing intricate workplace investigations and is dedicated to delivering practical and commercial advice that simplifies legal matters for her clients. Additionally, she values diversity, inclusion, and environmental responsibility, reflecting her commitment to both professional excellence and community betterment.

Notable Work
  • Employment and industrial relations: provided advice and assistance to a range of private and public sector entities (including Queensland Government Departments and GOCs), in relation to all aspects of employment and industrial relations work. This includes disciplinary and conduct matters, workplace change and redundancy processes, discrimination, and safety matters.
  • Safety advice: providing advice regarding complex workplace health and safety investigations, including matters involving regulators and matters raising significant reputational and commercial impacts. This includes in work in medical, resources and insurance sectors.
  • Employment agreements and policies: drafting and advising on detailed employment agreements and policies with particular emphasis on confidentiality, intellectual property and restraint of trade provisions.
  • Queensland universities: provided advice and assistance regarding complex PID investigations and underpayment concerns, including providing employment and industrial relations advice across a broad range of associated matters.
  • Healthcare organisations: provided valuable counsel to healthcare organisations including Queensland Health and Hospital and Health Services, handling sensitive disputes and investigations.
  • WorkCover Queensland: assisted in managing various workplace issues, from performance management to out-of-hours conduct concerns.
  • Cross River Rail Delivery Authority: advising on industrial relations and safety matters for the $5.4 billion Cross River Rail project, which showcases her ability to manage sensitive issues effectively.
  • QBCC: Provided an array of varied services in relation to conducting a privileged investigation into allegations of corrupt conduct and management of the investigation as a PID.
  • Queensland Agricultural Training Colleges: advised the on-workplace change, restructure and redundancy entitlements in relation to the planned closure of the Colleges.
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