Remeasuring our future: submissions open to reform Australia’s measurement framework

By David Foong, Ken Ooi, Samy Mansour, and Brad Vann

01 Feb 2018

The Australian Government is reviewing the legislative framework underpinning Australia’s measurement system and is seeking your input to identify the key issues, challenges and opportunities, with submissions closing on 30 June 2018.

Uniform measurement plays a vital role in supporting the Australian economy, as it ensures that Australian businesses have confidence in the integrity of measurements across key areas of commerce, including domestic and international trade, land interests, and high-speed communication networks.

The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is conducting the first comprehensive review of Australia’s measurement framework since the commencement of the National Measurement Act in 1960. The Act establishes, and provides for the uniform use of, a system of units and standards of measurement throughout Australia.

What's prompted a review of Australia's measurement framework?

The Government recognises that measurement technology has progressed alongside advances in science, technology and innovation. In its current form, the Act may not be fit to address future needs, opportunities or challenges of Australian consumers, business and industry.

As a result, the Government is calling for views from industry stakeholders and community groups on the following questions:

  1. What economic and scientific changes are on the horizon which measurement needs to be prepared for?
  2. What should be the Commonwealth Government’s role in measurement?
  3. What is working well in Australia’s measurement framework?
  4. What would you change about Australia’s measurement framework?
  5. What further views or ideas do you have in terms of reforming Australia’s measurement laws?

Giving your feedback on measurement laws

It is important that Australian businesses contribute their feedback to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science by the closing date of 30 June 2018 to ensure that the Act is adequately equipped to deal with the future. In an age of increasing technological disruption, it is crucial that Australia’s measurement framework is updated to deal with everyday activities in a manner that facilitates innovation, competition and productivity, minimises business uncertainty and costs, and promotes best practice regulatory approaches.

Options for reform will be presented to the Government by 2020. Further information about the review, and how to make a submission or comment, can be found on the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s website.

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