Cyber Security

The threat of cyber security incidents is growing, and the stakes are getting higher every day.


As our businesses and lives move increasingly online, the economic and reputational risk from a cyber security incident becomes severe with the potential for operations to grind to a halt. And if that isn't enough, regulators will be looking at your compliance with data protection rules.

Our legal teams work with our dedicated in-house Cyber Incident Response team to make us the first and only professional services firm with technical and legal response capabilities – the one-stop-shop for your cyber security needs to respond, detect and protect.

We bring together legal experts in information technology, insurance and risk, intellectual property, privacy and corporate law, cloud services, electronic payment systems, and business process outsourcing, to help you create and maintain a culture of cyber security.

Through our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, we can help your to understand how vulnerable your digital assets are to attack, and provide you with expert advice on how to better secure your systems.

And if you suspect there's an incident and you need legal advice, our Cyber Incident Response team will work with our top-tier dispute resolution practice to investigate and implement incident response strategies, so you get cutting-edge technical service.


Clayton Utz can help you create a culture of cyber security with:

  • penetration testing services
  • simulated phishing and spear phishing assessments
  • industrial control system and operational technology vulnerability assessments
  • tailored incident response plans and process-mapping
  • mandatory data breach reporting
  • privacy and data protection risk identification and management
  • advice on cyber insurance coverage
  • protection of proprietary information and breach of confidence issues
  • enterprise data storage, offshore data transfers and outsourcing.


If a data breach is suspected and you need assistance and legal advice, our in-house security experts can undertake a confidential cyber breach investigation and secure your sensitive data and remedy the breach with:

  • forensic tests and data mining to highlight any suspicious activity
  • preservation of data and identification of any gaps in your existing security policies.


We will help you get through the first 48 hours and beyond to manage any fallout and get you back on track, using:

  • forensic tests and data mining to highlight any suspicious activity
  • confidential cyber investigation to secure your sensitive data and remedy the breach.

and advising you on:

  • privacy and breach reporting requirements
  • potential exposure of directors and insurance claims recovery
  • privilege and document management issues
  • negative publicity and reputation management
  • the risk of collateral civil litigation and shareholder class actions
  • workplace relations issues
  • the need to investigate, undertake due diligence or to take remedial action.

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