Brenton Steenkamp

Clayton Utz
Partner Sydney
* Not an Australian legal practitioner

Brenton Steenkamp is the lead partner heading up the firm's Cyber security practice.

Coming from a specialist forensic consulting and cyber risk background, Brenton brings more than two decades of experience in coordinating incident response, managing cyber risks and related internal investigations, including assisting stakeholders in regulatory matters.

Brenton advises clients on various data security matters including the response and investigation of cyber and data breaches, insider threats, regulatory compliance and stakeholder management.

Adept at bringing together and coordinating multi-disciplinary local and global teams, he has led and assisted clients on complex international cybercrime, response and remediation investigations across Europe, United States, Australia and Africa.

Brenton has also worked closely with risk advisors, prosecutors and legal representatives, including working alongside law enforcement agencies in Europe and Africa, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US.

Notable Work
  • Managed and led a significant cyber response and remediation project for one of the largest government employers in Ireland relating to a catastrophic data breach and ransomware attack.
  • Led the cyber response and remediation investigation for a multi-billion-dollar global Human Capital organization based in Europe following a serious cyber-attack impacting the organization across Western Europe and the Americas.
  • Provided strategic Board advisory and training to various Fortune 500 companies on cyber and crisis response.
  • Led the investigation and prosecution of one of the first cybercrime cases of one of the largest African retailers with respect to the failure of a national computer operation system.
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