Contract Management – Legal Fundamentals – Webinar Series

This webinar series is for anyone in the public or private sector who is responsible for managing contracts. Legal experience is not required.


This webinar series covers the legal issues that all contract managers should know. It will help you to confidently approach contract issues, improve project and service delivery outcomes, and avoid disputes and losing legal rights. This webinar series is for anyone in the public or private sector who is responsible for managing contracts. Legal experience is not required.

This course is also available as a one-day on-site interactive workshop for groups of 10 to 25 on request.

What we will cover

Session 1 – Understanding how contracts work – 16 April (concluded)

  • Parties - who is bound by a contract and who is not?
  • The terms of a contract - express, implied and incorporated terms
  • Interpreting contracts - ambiguity, inconsistency and mistakes
  • When can you rely on documents outside the contract?

Session 2 – Managing supplier performance – 23 April

  • Delays, extensions of time and liquidated damages
  • Personnel departures and turnover
  • Reviewing, testing and accepting (or rejecting) deliverables
  • SLAs, KPIs and service credits
  • Insurance, bank guarantees and performance guarantees
  • Managing IP and confidential information.

Session 3 – Contract administration – 30 April

  • Contract communications and notices
  • Contract governance
  • Contract variations and change management
  • Payments, including deductions and set-off
  • Contract renewals and extensions
  • Contract assignments and novations.

Session 4 – Dealing with non-performance – 7 May

  • Contract breach and damages
  • Negligence and other actions
  • Understanding liability and exclusion clauses
  • Preserving legal rights
  • Dispute resolution
  • Contract suspension and termination.

Event Details

Time:  10.00am - 11.00am (Brisbane AEST)


Cost: Inc GST
$480 per person (complete 4 session series)

Unable to participate in one or more webinars from this series? We will be recording each session and we welcome you to register directly with us for the series. Just let us know which webinar/s you are unable to be a participant.

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What our clients say

Contract Management – Legal Fundamentals – Webinar

Yesterday’s webinar could not have come at a more reasonable time. I have been going over a potential subcontractor’s departures the last couple of days and there were quite a number of things listed that related directly to what was discussed yesterday. Had I not been present for the webinar, I highly doubt I would have picked up on a lot of the very small adjustments in the clauses but more importantly, the knock-on effects. Prior to this, a number of our subcontractors have been smaller businesses or have been dealt with at a higher level. When I ran over these with my Commercial Manager, there were not as many that he did not agree with or have to provide further clarification on, showing a significant increase in my knowledge and understanding of what was being asked. Can you please pass on my thanks to Cameron for not only covering these off but explaining them in a very easy-to-follow manner so that someone like myself, as a Contracts Administrator, can improve in my role and continue to grow professionally.

Training was conducted in a very easy-to-follow manner and I got a lot out of it.

Cameron's presentation was in lay-man's terms and not too legalistic. He has a pleasant manner, good delivery, good engagement and obviously knows the content thoroughly.

I found Cameron to be engaging and he had an excellent way of holding the attention of the room whilst making the learning interesting.


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Recommended CPD point allocation: 1 point per webinar (excluding WA).
If this particular educational activity is relevant to your immediate or long term needs in relation to your professional development and practice of the law, then you should claim one CPD unit for each hour of attendance, refreshment breaks not included. Please contact your Professional Body for your state.