The Clayton Utz Art Partnership

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership brings together a unique collaboration between two outstanding Australian artists and our firm.
Read more about this collaboration in an article published in Issue 43 of Artist Profile.

Each exhibition presents an opportunity to showcase the work of two contemporary artists in the offices of Clayton Utz. Our exhibition space offers a unique visual art experience for clients to get up close and personal with an amazing array of artwork. The uniquely curated program allows both artists to explore and display their work in one of Australia's leading corporate environments. Guests visiting the exhibition will have an opportunity to explore the artwork in an intimate and innovative environment.

Complementing the exhibition is an Artist-in-Residence experience within the Clayton Utz offices. This opportunity provides both artists and Clayton Utz a collaborative platform to explore the artistic process and allows us and our clients exclusive access to the artist and the creative process.

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership is a truly exciting initiative and demonstrates our pride as an Australian firm committed to the cultural sector, and the broader creative communities in which we live and work. We hope you enjoy being part of it.


Current Sydney Exhibition

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership is now in its sixth year, and our latest Sydney exhibition features artists Joanna Braithwaite and Michael McHugh.

Joanna Braithwaite grew up in a rural farming community and maintains that underpinning her practice is a curiosity in relationships people have with animals. Her paintings explore this theme in a multitude of ways including strange juxtapositions and role reversal, and often contain elements of humour as a way of engaging the viewer.

Michael McHugh’s art practice consistently explores colour, composition and textural abstract form with a strong connection to the natural world. McHugh collects a range of different photographs and drawings during research trips visiting museums, libraries and gardens around the world, returning to his studio to raw and create a series of collages, which lead to large format paintings.

Artists: Joanna Braithwaite and Michael McHugh

Image of Joanna Braithwaite 
Joanna Braithwaite
Image of Michael McHugh 
Michael McHugh

Joanna Braithwaite’s paintings of animals and humans have established her reputation as an artist concerned with the natural world, evolution and science, and the nature of authority and power.

With the use of gestural acrylic mark making, McHugh creates a layered abstraction moving between the paintings’ surfaces and botanical shapes. Works are sometimes sombre and brooding, and at other times energetic and vibrant, with textural layers echoing moments in time. McHugh believes constant drawing to be fundamental to his painting process. This foundation enables him to fully explore composition and vigorously push boundaries with colour and technique, while also creating new organic forms.


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Please contact Max Germanos from 333 Art Projects if you wish to purchase any of the artworks featured in the catalogues.