Strategic Partnerships in Energy

Electricity networks don't just connect power to users – they can connect you to powerful partnerships.


Key issues

Finding the value: As the industry evolves to new business models, the challenge will be to identify those that will return true value to you and the community – and those that won’t.

Sharing the benefits and risks: Long-term commitment of your capital investment may mean low returns in the short term, which could be offset by collaborating with similarly aligned participants in a strategic partnership to share the benefits and risks of their capital investment.

Technology: Strategic partnerships may enable owners and operators to share knowledge and capitalise on new opportunities, such as new technologies, which will allow diversification of their business and sharing of the benefits, risks and control. But who will own and have the right to commercialise any intellectual property?

Rethinking your business: The transformation to a low or zero carbon economy will push a realignment of commercial drivers and ESG goals.

New ways of putting the pieces together: Every strategic partnership arrangement is unique, and can raise novel challenges, such as structuring the business, competition law issues such as vertical integration, and the timeframes for developing your partnership.

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