Energy Sources in Energy

As new energy sources come online, some imaginative opportunities will open up for investors, owners and operators.


Key issues

Closing fossil-fuel powered plants: tens of billions of dollars of investment are now opening up to fill these generation gaps, and provide extraordinary opportunities for investors.

Government funding and fast-tracked pathways: early stage and emerging clean energy technologies are supported by the $200 million Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

Legal mandates: the laws governing the national electricity and gas markets will soon require governments and regulators to actively promote and facilitate investment to reduce emissions.   

Renewable Energy Zones: Eastern states have created incentives to locate renewable energy sources in these areas, which are mostly already conducive to the generation of solar and wind power.

Connecting new renewable generation facilities: once the national energy objectives are amended, there may be new consequences for not facilitating and expediting connection requests to networks.

Power storage: as wind and solar can be unpredictable, co-locating near storage options such as hydro and battery facilities may become an important part of a portfolio of renewable generation assets, and the edge that owners and operators may well need.

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