Fintech in Digital Economy

Fintech innovations, from payment systems to stores of value, are reshaping how and where economic activity takes place.


We guide established companies and innovators through the grey areas of legislation and provide sensible predictions about the impact of upcoming regulatory changes.

We have worked on the industry's most innovative deals, including the establishment of Cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems integrations, initial coin offerings, data privacy and cybersecurity issues, peer-to-peer financial arrangements, real-time payments (and projects relating to Australia's "New Payments Platform"), robotic/algorithmic advice and the application of big data insights in the financial services industry.

This means we can confidently advise clients on the full-spectrum of fintech matters, including:

  • All major regulatory issues.
  • Investment in Fintech companies and capital raisings.
  • Open Banking and payments systems innovation.
  • Taxation and structuring of digital assets.
  • Fundraising for and developing new products.
  • Data, privacy and cybersecurity issues.

Case studies

Case Study: Reserve Bank of Australia


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