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Clayton Utz FTS Director , Brisbane T +61 7 3292 7189 +61 439 492 517

TJ Koekemoer, a Chartered Management Accountant, has more than 20 years of experience in the forensic accounting field, specialising in forensic accounting; fraud, corruption and misconduct investigations; fraud, corruption and compliance program development and assessment; and forensic data analytics.

TJ provides specialist advice to both private and public sector (Federal, state and local governments) clients on various forensic accounting, governance, conduct and compliance-related matters.

Outside Australia, TJ's experience stretches over a number of industries and global jurisdictions including Africa, Asia, Canada, and Melanesia.

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Federal and State and local Government

Conducted a review of the fraud and corruption control programs and supported policies and procedures of State government agencies and government-owned corporations against leading practice guidance such as AS8001:2021 and state-based corruption control guidelines.

Conducted an assessment of the allocation of council funding and costs incurred for a Queensland-based regional council following the amalgamation of two councils to assess the proportionality of development projects awarded and costs incurred in council areas, in comparison with rate contributions.

Supported the external audit team as part of the year-end audit of a Queensland-based council following the termination of all councillors. TJ’s involvement included the assessment of governance arrangements in the appointment of staff, decisions taken by the council in respect of development applications and the assessment of conflicts of interests between councillors and developers.

Conducted an investigation into medical officers' Right of Private Practice with a view to identify weaknesses in the governance structure.

Conducted an investigation into a multi-million dollar fraud on behalf of a university into the misappropriation of funds by a cashier. The investigation included the quantification of the total loss, and an analysis of the accounting entries to restate the financial statements.

Investigated the alleged mismanagement of government grants in a number of scenarios, including by a NT boxing club and a not-for-profit based in PNG.


Assessed the bribery and corruption compliance framework for a number of Australian construction companies against the relevant standards, including the UK Bribery Act and ISO37001, and identify enhancement opportunities that are fit for purpose and proportionate to their risk profiles.

Conducted an assessment of the operational aspects of large construction contracts in a number of environments, including mining, oil and gas and public education. This included the assessment of the adequacy of contract compliance frameworks considering the project's risk profile.

Conducted various investigations into procurement activities in the construction sector, mainly driven by undisclosed conflict of interests.

Led an investigation into a multimillion dollar fraud committed over a period of 12 years by a manager of a large construction company. This investigation was conducted under the instruction of the legal firm and involved the analysis of a large number of transactions to determine the flow of funds and the identification of assets for recovery.

Energy and Resources

Conducting various fraud, corruption and misconduct investigations on behalf of a range of mining companies of various sizes. Examples include bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, conflict of interest, theft of assets and the inappropriate sharing of confidential data.

Supported a global mining company as part of the acquisition of a mining services company to quantify the proportionality of the target's assets dedicated to our client's operations and conducting an asset verification audit to validate the existence of assets and inventory recorded on the target's balance sheet.

Conducted an investigation into the unauthorised sale of crown land by an employee of a global mining company’s operations in South Australia, and the subsequent unauthorised lease of residential accommodation (unauthorised sale and leaseback arrangement).

Performed an alliance audit of the costs incurred by a Joint Venture between two major Oil and Gas players in Queensland market on behalf of the non-operator.

Assessed the financial reporting and financial processes of a coal export terminal, including the operator's adherence to its contractual obligations. The findings of this review were used in litigation between our client and the operator.

Conducted an investigation into the non-disclosure of a conflict of interest by a project manager on a large Coal Seam Gas Development in Queensland.

Assisted a mining company in the development of a contract compliance framework in light of a new mining services contract in Indonesia.

Conducted anti-bribery and anti-corruption due diligence for a US-based oil and gas company who contemplated an investment exploration licences held by a PNG company in local gas fields.

Performed an investigation into various allegations made by an employee relating to the Regulatory Compliance function of a large energy company, including non-compliance with its regulatory obligations, bullying and harassment.

Performed third party due diligence on a number of companies and individuals in developing countries as part of the contemplated divestment of mining assets.

Financial Services

Seconded to a Bank to assist its financial crimes team in the investigation of allegations of external and internal fraud. This included the enhancement of its investigation methodology and processes.

Conducted an investigation on behalf of the property division of a Government-owned Investment Corporation, which involved a conflict of interest and the manipulation of quotes by suppliers.

Conducted an assessment of the AML compliance framework for a bank for one of its bank card products.

Worked with the board of directors of a bank on a secondment basis following a significant financial statement fraud committed by the CEO. TJ's role included the restatement of financial statements, supporting the directors, their legal advisors and the administrator in a number of accounting-related matters.

Worked with criminal prosecutors to quantify the total loss suffered by a bank as a result of a cheque fraud scheme operated by two customers and a bank employee, resulting in the conviction of the perpetrators.


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