TJ Koekemoer

Clayton Utz
FTS Director Brisbane
A seasoned Chartered Management Accountant, specialising in forensic accounting, with expertise spanning across governance, conduct and compliance related issues in Australia and beyond.
Notable Work
  • Forensic Accounting in Mining Transactions: provide forensic accounting advice relating to the accounting for the acquisition, transfer and disposal of mining tenements, including relating development expenditure, dating back to 1984.
  • Insurance claims assessment: quantification of the material damages and business interruption insurance claim following a significant event at a Queensland-based power station.
  • CSIRO: engaged to conduct a fraud and corruption risk assessment, and prepare a Fraud and Corruption Control Plan.
  • Business interruption claim analysis: Assessed the reasonableness of a business interruption claim prepared by the lessee following a change in the use of the land by the landlord. This included the calculation of an alternate claim amount based on revised assumptions.
  • Mortgage Lender Insurance provider: conducted a fraud risk identification exercise.
  • A Queensland University: supported in a number of wage compliance matters, including casual conversion and Enterprise Agreement Variation analysis.
  • Mining Company: conducted forensic data analytics over the payroll data of a mining company with the view to identify anomalies in the payroll process and payroll transactions, which may be indicative of control weaknesses, fraudulent or improper behaviour.
  • Regulatory compliance investigation: performed an investigation into various allegations made by an employee relating to the Regulatory Compliance function of a large energy company, including non-compliance with its regulatory obligations, bullying and harassment.
  • Financial misconduct investigation: investigated the misappropriation of more than $20m by a manager of a large construction company, caused by the creation of a fictitious vendor and the submission and approval of false invoices over a 12-year period.
  • Third party due diligence: performed third party due diligence on a number of companies and individuals in developing countries.
  • Global wind farm operator: Developed a bribery and corruption regulatory compliance register for their Asia Pacific operations.
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