Dr Chris Boge

Clayton Utz
Special Counsel Brisbane

Chris is uniquely positioned to provide specialist advice on, and apply practical knowledge to, a variety of government and commercial legal issues and transactions.  As an extremely experienced property lawyer, Chris offers the highest quality general and specialist advice in relation to all aspects of property transactions, particularly those involving land tenure and property law principles.

Notable Work
  • Local government advisory: advises several local governments on matters relating to the management of their tidal and non-tidal waterways, including issues relating to public and private infrastructure, and tidal and non-tidal watercourse boundaries.
  • Legislative advisory: drafted several south-east Queensland local governments' waterways local laws and has recently drafted provisions of other local laws for the City of Moreton Bay while advising the city generally in relation to its local laws review project.
  • City of Gold Coast: provided comprehensive advice on its responsibilities for the maintenance of the Gold Coast's waterways system and the protection of foreshores arising from climate change and other natural events.  
  • Department of Resources: advised extensively on the enforcement and interpretation of leases under the Land Act 1994 and related issues.  Has acted for the department in relation to forfeiture of various leases.
  • Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning: advised on the market-led proposal for the establishment of a wind farm on land within 3 State forests subject to a plantation licence, including advising on the State's power to grant various interests and the appropriate wording for the project specific legislative amendments.
  • SEQ Water Distributor-Retailer Authorities: Provides ongoing advice in relation to various matters, including land tenure restructuring, and the functions and powers of authorities under relevant legislation.
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