At Clayton Utz, we’ve built a team of down-to-earth, collaborative lawyers who know that at the heart of exceptional client service is truly listening to your clients – and understanding what they need. Each one of our new promotions is delivering that exceptional client service, every day.


Anthony Burke Anthony Burke Melbourne
Oshie Fagir Oshie Fagir Sydney
Liz Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Melbourne
Amanda Lyras Amanda Lyras Sydney
Michael Lucey Michael Lucey Brisbane
Greg Midgley Greg Midgley Brisbane
Jillian Robertson Jillian Robertson Sydney
Katy Warner Katy Warner Brisbane
Chris Wiseman Chris Wiseman*  Melbourne


Tristan Appleby Tristan Appleby * Brisbane
Nick Bouvier Nic Bouvier Sydney
Lauren Bracewell Lauren Bracewell Perth
Eleanor Cannon Eleanor Cannon Canberra
Akmal Chunara Akmal Chunara Sydney
Laura Crick Laura Crick Canberra
David Elston David Elston Melbourne
Hayden Fielder Hayden Fielder Sydney
Joshua Kangisser Joshua Kangisser Sydney
Anchal Kapur Anchal Kapur Sydney
Jiaidi Liang Jiadi Liang Canberra
Suzana Livaja Suzana Livaja * Sydney
Caitlin McConnel Caitlin McConnel Brisbane
Harrison Nurse Harrison Nurse * Melbourne
Jeff Simpson Jeff Simpson Melbourne
Kent Teague Kent Teague Sydney
Laura van Stekelenburg Laura van Stekelenburg Brisbane


Scott Murphy Scott Murphy Brisbane


Stephanie Loccisano Stephanie Loccisano Melbourne
Kellie Yip Kellie Yip Melbourne
*Promoted 1 January 2020