What brings us together, is what sets us apart

03 Feb 2023
We are a firm characterised by its people and the support our people provide one another every day.

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What sets Clayton Utz apart is what surprised me when I first walked in

My expectation was that everyone would be really focused driven and intelligent and that was definitely the case

I just thought it's a law firm so I kind of thought that would be a bit boring and austere.

I envisaged a bustling office space people shouting at each other and being locked in a cubicle for most of the time, it was none of that it was open spaces people spoke to each other respectfully in a nice way collaboratively.

Although we are extremely high achieving firm and we have that high achieving culture overwhelmingly I was surprised pleasantly by how friendly everybody was and how much we achieved those things by working together in collaboration

It's not always easy working on major transactions and projects sometimes it does involve late nights but the great thing is that everyone chips in and it's a one team culture at Clayton Ut

I'm not just a finance person I'm not just doing the job I'm part of something bigger than that.

There's this real I suppose effort to make sure people have a life outside of that and they get to know each other through things that isn't just legal work.

We've got sports teams going around.

There's lots of pro bono activities.

And that's really rewarding as an individual.

There's no one mould that everyone fits into and I think that's what makes it such a great workplace

It takes all sorts to make a family and it takes all sorts to make a good business and a good culture.

You come to work every day and it's fun because of the people around you and how different they are.

I think those differences make us stronger not just as people but in terms of even the legal advice we give.

One of my colleagues was a former Olympian I've also had colleagues who were previously in the Australian Army who were formed musicians and an ex-cheer leader actually.

A colleague of mine randomly disclosed that she was into trapeze Arts that's not the usual thing that you get a lawyer telling you about.

I love it when you see them in a different situation and then find out um they're interesting.

Do you have any special talents or abilities…. no no okay that was good um…

It means that there's a diverse range of ideas that are being thrown around when you're collaborating and working towards one goal.

It's really easy when you've got people around you that have bought into the values of being respectful being approachable and that's what the people of Clayton Utz are.

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