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Clayton Utz has an unrivalled reputation with a wide range of Japanese clients for providing premium legal advice for operating in the Australian market.


Our dedicated Japan practice group is centred around lawyers who have experience acting for many Japanese clients, having previously worked for leading Japanese law firms, which has given us a thorough understanding of Japanese cultural principles in conducting business.

Our history of delivering high-quality services as one of the leading full-service law firms in Australia, and relationships with notable Japanese law firms, have enabled us to provide top-tier legal services to Japanese corporations and Government entities over many years. 

We have lawyers with a broad range of expertise, knowledge and experience to advise and support Japanese clients in assessing opportunities and conducting business in Australia. 

Clients know they can rely on us to provide strategic legal advice to ensure their business growth in Australia is as easy and successful as possible. 

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Below are some recent matters and transactions to demonstrate the broad capabilities of our Japan Practice Group.

Corporate advisory / Mergers and acquisitions

Software developer: We acted for a Japanese software developer on its acquisition of a Melbourne-based software company in April 2017.

Industrial and engineering: We acted for a Japanese well known industrial and engineering corporation on its acquisition of a cross border company from desalination and industrial water treatment industry.

Life insurance: We acted for a Japanese life insurance company with its acquisition of an Australian life insurance and wealth management company.

IT services and development: We acted for a Japanese IT services and development company for its acquisition of an Australian IT services company by way of scheme of arrangement.

Industrial gases and plastics manufacturer: We acted for a Japanese industrial gases and plastics manufacturer with its competitive bid to acquire an Australian LPG and specialty gases business.

Human resources: We acted for a Singapore subsidiary of a Japanese human resources company on its acquisition of an Australian human resources business. 

Hospitality, property management: We acted for a Japanese hospitality and property management company of a group of companies carrying on the serviced apartment business.  

Transport/Logistics: We advised a Japanese Government owned company on its acquisition of an ASX-listed large logistics company by way of scheme of arrangement.  This matter involved advice in relation to the acquisition strategy and procedure of the ASX-listed company by way of scheme of arrangement, dealing with various regulators including the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board, phased due diligence on the target company, documentation of and advice on transaction documents, negotiation for the sell side and advice on its post-acquisition management integration.

Manufacturing: We advised a Japanese car manufacturer on the incorporation of its local subsidiary and set up of its car dealership network in Australia. This involved advice on establishment of multiple franchising arrangements with various car dealers, while taking into consideration competition and consumer law implications, car dealership regulation and related laws.

We also advised a Japanese construction machinery manufacturer on its acquisitions of multiple companies, including a nationwide construction machinery distribution network and subsequent restructuring of the Australian business. These matters involved due diligence, internal legal audit, documentation and negotiation of transaction documents, advice on Foreign Investment Review Board approval and structuring advice on the acquisition.

Retail: We advised a public Japanese retail holding company on setting up operations in Australia.  We also advised a Japanese retail company in relation to its proposed acquisition of Australian retail business.  This involved due diligence on the target company, documentation and negotiation of transaction documents.

Water: We acted for a Japanese Government owned investment company in relation to a Japanese consortium acquiring a major Australian water utility company and its affiliated companies. This matter involved providing complex and strategic investment advice on the acquisition structure including compliance with requirements under Japanese law.

Agriculture: We advised a listed Japanese food business company on its bid to acquire food and agricultural businesses under voluntary administration and receivership in Australia. We have also advised a Japanese company on the acquisition of a tomato farming business and an Australian food manufacturing business in Victoria.

Education: We advised a Japanese childcare and education provider on the acquisition of two Australian childcare businesses and the post-acquisition management.

Apparel: We advised a Japanese sporting goods manufacturer on its bid to acquire a major Australian apparel company.

Industrial Gas: We advised a major Japanese industrial gas company on its acquisition of an Australian distribution company of industrial gases including LPG. This matter involved due diligence on the target company, documentation and negotiation of transaction documents and arrangement of warranty and indemnity insurance for the sale and purchase agreement.

Electronics: We advised a major Japanese electronics manufacturer on the restructuring of its Australian business operations.

Energy and Resources

Hydrogen energy: We advised a major Japanese heavy industry manufacturing company on its hydrogen energy supply chain development project in Australia. This involved extensive research and advice on various licensing requirements including those under environmental regulation and documentation for an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agreement. In this matter, we also advised in relation to pilot plant construction, the structure of the consortium, intellectual property licensing issues in relation to new energy development, various technology licence agreements, government funding and labour law issues in the resources and construction industries.

Alternative energy: We advised a publicly listed Japanese conglomerate on the acquisitions of forestry and wind farm assets in Australia.

Iron ore: We advised for a listed Japanese steel company in relation to a number of iron ore and coking coal investments being undertaken in Australia.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG): We acted for a major Japanese power company and a major Japanese gas company on a large-scale LNG project in Australia. This matter involved legal due diligence on the acquisition of upstream interests and execution of long-term sales agreements in co-ordination with advice on negotiation strategy.

Rare earth: We acted for a Japanese Government-affiliated agency and a Japanese trading house in its investment and finance in relation to rare earth mine development in Australia. The matter involved comprehensive due diligence on relevant assets, documentation and negotiation of project agreements and dealing with various regulators including with the Foreign Investment Review Board.

Uranium: We acted for a major Japanese power company and a major Japanese trading house in relation to a uranium project in Australia. This involved extensive due diligence on project assets as well as negotiation of project agreements.

Financial services: We have assisted Japanese financial institutions with facility agreements and securities on various types of finance transactions. This includes drafting and advising on relevant transaction documents such as facility and security documents, stamp duty, enforceability of securities and Personal Property Securities Act issues.

We have also acted for a major Japanese trading house on the restructuring of its asset financing in relation to mining equipment used on mines in Australia. This matter involved documentation of relevant documents, support for procedures to grant personal property securities and advice on its negotiation strategy.

Business start-up: We advise Japanese companies from a wide range of industries on their start-up of Australian businesses. This includes advising on regulatory issues, the appropriate business structure, various legal issues concerning establishment of a company, drafting a constitution and other legal documents and submission of ASIC forms.

Product liability: We advise various Japanese manufacturers and insurance companies on product liability and product recall issues in Australia as well as supporting manufacturers and insurance companies against various product liability litigation.

Pharmaceutical: We advise various Japanese pharmaceutical companies on various regulatory issues in relation to the marketing and distribution of their pharmaceutical products in Australia.

Hotel and resort developments: We have advised Japanese property developers on their acquisitions of hotels and resorts in Australia. These matters involved phased due diligence including environmental due diligence, advice on environmental approvals and documentation and advice on transaction documents in relation to acquisition finance.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Legal proceedings: We act on behalf of Japanese companies to support them in relation to various litigation.  As one of the recent cases, we acted for a Japanese company possessing a resort business, to address a wide variety of environmental issues including court proceedings commenced by an Australian environmental authority.  This matter involved implementation of comprehensive investigation on various environmental issues, advice on the strategy planning and its implementation against the governmental authority, negotiation with the governmental authority and implementation of various procedures including the litigation against the ministry of environment on behalf of that Japanese company.

Employment dispute: We support local subsidiaries of Japanese companies in relation to various types of employment disputes.  These matters include a termination of locally-hired chief executive officer, which involved confidential investigation of directorship and employment status, strategic planning of the termination strategy and attendance to the termination discussions and negotiation with the director.

Debt collection: We act for major Japanese financial institutions and manufacturers on collection of debts from Australian companies under administration and/or receivership.  This includes examination of the financial condition of those companies, negotiation with administrators and/or receivers, planning and implementation of debt collection strategies and support for attendance by proxy at creditors' meeting. 



企業法務 / M&A 

ITソフトウェア開発: 日本のITソフトウェア開発企業を代理して、オーストラリアのメルボルン市に拠点を置くBI(ビジネスインテリジェンス)ソリューション提供会社の買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

産業・エンジニアリング: 日本有数の産業・エンジニアリング企業を代理して、世界で海水淡水化・産業用水処理事業を展開するグループ持株会社の買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

生命保険: 日本の生命保険会社を代理して、オーストラリアの生命保険・資産運用会社の買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

ITサービス・開発: 日本のITサービス・開発企業を代理して、オーストラリアのIT関連サービス提供会社の調整スキーム(scheme of arrangement)による買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

産業ガス・プラスチックメーカー: 日本の産業ガス・プラスチックメーカーを代理して、オーストラリアの産業ガス・LPG会社の買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

人材派遣: 日本の人材派遣会社のシンガポール子会社を代理して、オーストラリアの人材派遣会社の買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。

不動産管理・運営: 日本の不動産管理・運営会社のシンガポール子会社を代理して、オーストラリア・ニュージーランドにおいてサービスアパートメントの管理・運営事業を展開するグループ会社の買収案件に関してアドバイスを行いました。

運輸・物流:日本政府所有企業を代理して、オーストラリア証券取引所(ASX)上場企業である物流大手企業の調整スキーム(scheme of arrangement)による買収に関してアドバイスを行いました。具体的には、調整スキームによるASX(オーストラリア証券取引所)上場企業の買収戦略と手続に関するアドバイスの提供、オーストラリア外資審議委員会(FIRB)を含む各規制当局に対する対応、対象会社に対する段階的デュー・ディリジェンスの実施、取引関連書類の作成及びアドバイスの提供、売主側との交渉、買収後の経営統合に関するアドバイスなどが含まれます。



















当事務所は、動産担保法(Personal Property Securities Act)に関するアドバイスについても多くの経験を有しています。その1つとして、日本の大手総合商社に対し、オーストラリアの鉱山で使用される採掘機器に関するアセット・ファイナンスのストラクチャリングに関するアドバイスを行いました。具体的には、関連書類の作成、動産担保設定手続に関するサポート、交渉戦略に関するアドバイスの提供などが含まれます。















オーストラリアにおけるビジネス展開 」(2017年)


JOGMECオーストラリアの投資環境調査 2010 」(2011 10月)



さらに、The Association for Real Estate SecuritizationARES)(一般社団法人不動産証券化協会)の機関紙であるARES不動産証券化ジャーナルにおいて、豪州の不動産法制度の概要を解説したものとして、以下の記事を寄稿しています。

豪州の不動産法制度と日本からの投資」(「ARES不動産証券化ジャーナル」Vol.39 - 20179月・10月号)


オーストラリアでの新エネルギー開発の事例と課題 (PDF 1.8MB)200611月)

豪州ウラン事情 (PDF 108.2KB)20078月)

ウランに関する日豪関係の現状と問題点について (PDF 331.6KB)200810月)

豪州鉱業投資セミナー(外国投資規制・独占禁止法など) (PDF 476.4KB)200810月) 

Global Carbon Capture and Storage Instituteメンバーシップ取得に係る法的留意点 (PDF 291KB)20095月)

オーストラリア独占禁止法とそのリスク (PDF 326.2KB)20095月)

オーストラリア法に基づく会社Directorの義務と責任 (PDF 333.5KB)20099月)

オーストラリア排出権取引法案と再生可能エネルギー強制目標制度の改正 (PDF 1.2MB)200911月)

豪州代理店保護法制-フランチャイズ行動規約を中心に (PDF 408.2KB)200911月)

豪州におけるフェアワーク法の概要 (PDF 722.6KB)20103月)

豪州法における製造物責任リスクへの対応 (PDF 1.6MB)20105月)

オーストラリア北部準州に対する投資 (PDF 1.4MB)20109月)

北部準州における投資とビジネス (PDF 1.4MB)201011月)

豪州における競争入札による買収プロセスの法務と実務 (PDF 309.1KB)201011月)

豪州フェアワーク法における留意点 (PDF 881.7KB)20125月)

クィーンズランド州におけるCSG-LNG 法的観点の概観その特徴と強みについて (PDF 828.7KB)2013年、日本エネルギー学会、天然ガス部会・資源分科会シンポジウム)

新政権下における新しい投資環境とビジネス機会 (PDF 196KB)20139月、主催:オーストラリア・クィーンズランド州政府、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団、後援:株式会社国際協力銀行)

ジョイントベンチャー契約・管理の実務 (PDF 864.9KB)201312月、シドニー日本商工会議所主催)

最新のオーストラリア労働法制事情 (PDF 430KB)2014年、シドニー及びブリスベンの各日本商工会議所主催)

オーストラリア会社法概説-日本法との相違点を中心として(PDF 787.9KB)2014年、シドニー日本商工会議所主催)

オーストラリア農業投資セミナー:豪州農業分野への投資の法的側面(PDF 371.8KB)201510月、オーストラリア・クィーンズランド州政府駐日事務所主催)

オーストラリア石炭投資促進セミナー:最近の炭鉱権益取得案件の特徴と注意点~1ドルでの炭鉱取得に際して検討すべき重要事項(PDF 899.8KB)201510月、独立行政法人石油天然ガス・金属鉱物資源機構(JOGMEC)主催)

オーストラリアの外資投資法制の改正 (PDF 2.33MB)201512月、シドニー日本商工会議所主催)

豪州M&A取引実務 (PDF 571.3KB)20168月、ブリスベン日本商工会議所主催)

豪州M&A取引実務(PDF 678.4KB) 20174月、シドニー日本商工会議所主催)

2017年の法改正の動向 (2017年12月、シドニー日本商工会議所主催)

オーストラリア労働法の基本と実務上の注意点 (PDF 3.1MB)(2018年8月、ブリスベン日本商工会議所主催)

「豪州企業の買収と運営」 (2019年3月、シドニー日本商工会議所主催) 

「オーストラリア石炭投資促進セミナー:豪州クイーンズランド州 鉱物・エネルギー資源(資金拠出)法2018 2019年3月、独立行政法人石油天然ガス・金属鉱物資源機構(JOGMEC)主催) 

「豪州の観点から見たガバナンス」  20198月、ブリスベン日本商工会議所主催)

「COVID19の影響を受けた事業を支援する豪州政府の政策」  (2020年5月、ブリスベン日本商工会議所主催)





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