Information for gender diverse candidates

Careers information for gender diverse candidates.

Will I have to select a gender as part of the recruitment process? If so, what options are available?

No – we do not ask candidates to record their gender during the recruitment process. 

Can I use my affirmed name on my resume? If it is different to my legal name and legal ID, at what point do I need to let the recruiter know?

Yes, you can use your affirmed name on your resume.

For those candidates that advance to receiving an offer, you will need to provide us with ID for police and background check processes. If there will be a different name on your ID to that provided throughout the recruitment process, you can discuss this with your recruiter prior to providing the ID. Please reach out to our National Recruitment Manager, Alexandra Smith if you would like to discuss further.

Should I tell the recruiter I am Trans?

This is a personal decision based on a number of factors, such as your comfort level during the process, if you have affirmed your gender and where you may be at in the process. We do give people the opportunity to advise us of their pronouns and the recruiter will have access to this information. 

There is no right or wrong decision around whether to out yourself. Please reach out to our National Recruitment Manager, Alexandra Smith if you would like to discuss further.

If I do out myself during the recruitment process, what will happen with that information? 

Confidentiality is paramount at Clayton Utz. If you do advise that you are trans or gender diverse during the recruitment process, this information will be kept between yourself and the recruiter, unless there is a need for it to be disclosed to someone else. If this is the situation, the recruiter will discuss it with you first so that you can work together to determine the best way it should happen.

Can I dress in a manner that aligns with my gender identity for the interview?

Yes, all applicants to and employees of Clayton Utz are encouraged and supported to dress in a manner that aligns with their gender identity. This includes trans or gender diverse applicants.

How do I let the recruiter know the correct pronouns to use for me?

If you feel comfortable to, you can include them in your resume, or advise your recruiter at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Is there a police check or other background check as part of the process? If so, at what stage in the process?

The recruitment team initiate a criminal history check once the candidate has accepted the offer of employment and signed the contract. There may also be an Entitlement to Work Check if you are not a Citizen of Australia. This is completed via Fit2Work an external provider and the recruitment and People Connect teams have access to this information.

How do we deal with references if they don’t know I have affirmed my gender, or if they do but I don’t want to out myself to the recruiter?

References are called once we are ready to offer someone a position.

If your references are not aware you have affirmed your gender and you have advised during the recruitment process you are trans and gender diverse, you should advise your recruiter prior to reference checks being done so that they do not out you. 

If you have not told your recruiter during the recruitment process, and do not want to, you will need to advise your references of your gender affirmation and what name and pronouns to use for you as part of the reference check process.

If your references are aware of your gender identity and you have not come out during the recruitment process with Clayton Utz, you should advise your references of this, again so they can avoid outing you when contacted for the reference.

The majority of references are conducted in writing via an external platform named Xref. You will be asked to fill in details of 2 referees on the system and from there references are requested via email.
Occasionally a hiring manager or partner will ask for the recruitment team to conduct references in person over the phone but this is rare.

What is the culture like at Clayton Utz for LGBTIQ people in general, and trans and gender diverse people specifically?

Clayton Utz is committed to LGBTIQ inclusion. This is seen in both the firm strategy and our D&I policy. Our LGBTIQ program is about empowering our LGBTIQ-identifying colleagues and friends to bring their whole selves to work, so they feel comfortable and free to contribute and achieve their full potential.

We are a member of Pride in Diversity and were named as an AWEI Platinum Employer in LGBTIQ inclusion in 2022, the only law firm to achieve this status. 

We have recently updated our Gender Diverse and Gender Affirmation Policy as part of our commitment support our people who are affirming their gender. 

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