Life-changing Pro Bono Work

At the end of 2022, we are sharing just a few of the stories from the pro bono work we do every day at Clayton Utz. We can't tell every story of how we have helped to change lives. The 12 tiles below represent a tiny fraction of our 1,236 pro bono files this year. None of these clients was eligible for Legal Aid's assistance. Without pro bono representation, they would have been on their own. (We have changed the names of the people in our stories). 

In 2022, Clayton Utz marked 25 years of our pro bono practice. Our lawyers provided around 45,000 hours of pro bono work this year, with 90% of our lawyers and partners involved.

Clayton Utz is proud that acting on a pro bono basis for low-income and vulnerable people is a real part of who we are as a firm.

Slavery exists in Australia
Towards Truth
Fighting exploitation of older Australians
Scams, scams, scams
Stealing wages from migrant workers
Accessing insurance after a cancer diagnosis
Standing up to unfair evictions and homelessness
Addressing the trauma of child sexual assault
Breaking re-engagement with the justice system
Trauma-informed lawyering for victims of violent crime
Winning back control of your decisions
Environmental projects