The Clayton Utz Art Partnership

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership brings together a unique collaboration between two outstanding Australian artists and our firm.
Read more about this collaboration in an article recently published in Issue 43 of Artist Profile.

Each exhibition presents an opportunity to showcase the work of two contemporary artists in the offices of Clayton Utz. Our exhibition space offers a unique visual art experience for clients to get up close and personal with an amazing array of artwork. The uniquely curated program allows both artists to explore and display their work in one of Australia's leading corporate environments. Guests visiting the exhibition will have an opportunity to explore the artwork in an intimate and innovative environment.

Complementing the exhibition is an Artist-in-Residence experience within the Clayton Utz offices. This opportunity provides both artists and Clayton Utz a collaborative platform to explore the artistic process and allows us and our clients exclusive access to the artist and the creative process.

The Clayton Utz Art Partnership is a truly exciting initiative and demonstrates our pride as an Australian firm committed to the cultural sector, and the broader creative communities in which we live and work. We hope you enjoy being part of it.


Current Melbourne Exhibition

Artists: Elizabeth Barnett and Jeff Makin

Image of Elizabeth Barnett 
Elizabeth Barnett
Image of Jeff Makin 
Jeff Makin

In our latest exhibition in our Melbourne office we are delighted to feature works from Elizabeth Barnett and Jeff Makin whose paintings embody the spirit of country Victoria.

Elizabeth Barnett's vibrant still life paintings introduce exotic and visually compelling botanicals to domestic scenes of treasured objects, books and furniture. This introduction gives new dimension to Barnett’s intimate still life scenes. Her subjects do not sit flat upon the canvas, but instead reach up from it, enlivened by the wild and natural world. This liveliness belies the ‘stillness’ of still life painting and along with Barnett’s painterly gestures of shadow, line and colour creates a visual dynamism that reaches beyond tradition. Barnett’s revisioning of tradition similarly plays to perceptions of domesticity and daily life. Far from a sense of duty or routine, there is an implicit celebration of the everyday in Barnett’s work. In a bustling cosmopolitan world Barnett draws her viewer into scenes of daily life at her Macedon studio and its bushland surrounds, offering a wondrous escape.

Jeff Makin’s art has long explored the picturesque and the sublime in nature, rooted in a specifically Australian locality. The You Yangs, the Grampians, Mt Buller, Flinders Ranges, Lake St Clair. Lake Eyre, Wannon Falls and the Yarra Valley are all locations that Makin has visited intermittently throughout his career, in search of capturing those intangible qualities that form the essence of the Australian landscape.