Hedy Cray specialises in industrial and employment law, equal opportunity, and workplace health and safety issues and is the partner in charge of the Brisbane Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety practice.

She has significant private and public sector experience in both litigious and strategic employment and industrial relations matters.

Hedy is considered one of Queensland's pre-eminent workplace relations lawyers and trainers. She regularly conducts on-site workplace training sessions for clients, improving their ability to respond to strategic workplace issues, including in areas of workplace investigations, workplace mediation and managing disciplinary processes.

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Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety

Large local council: Advising in relation to the renegotiation of EBA6, involving 14 unions, pre-WorkChoices with mirror agreements in the State and Federal jurisdictions and the 2008 extension and variation of EBA6 to EBA7 for approximately 8200 employees.

University of Southern Queensland, Australian Communication Exchange and Port of Townsville Limited: Advising in relation to industrial and employment matters, workplace health and safety, workers compensation and discrimination matters including investigations and disciplinary action.

Engineering and mining companies:
 Assisting with emergency response, fatality investigation and appropriate risk management.

 Advising clients on compliance with legislative amendments in relation to contracts and policies with industrial relations and employment law reform, restructuring and redundancy advice, confidentiality and restraint of trade enforcement.

Human resource policies:
 Drafting and implementing Drug, Alcohol and Fatigue Management Policies for a range of clients.

Litigation and dispute resolution


Workplace Ombudsman: Supervising matters relating to prosecutions and potential prosecutions, including advising on prospects of success, evidence required to establish the relevant claim, and Award interpretation issues including interaction of State Commission orders with the Notional Agreement Preserving a State Award (NAPSA) and Federal workplace relations legislation.


See Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety

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