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Clayton Utz FTS Director , Melbourne T +61 3 9286 6246

Deepak is a highly experienced data analytics professional, with 10 years' experience providing analytical services across various sectors (including financial services, resources and government) and various domains of analytics expertise. 

Deepak specialises in technical analysis of large electronic data sets, with extensive experience in utilising advanced data capture and analytic modelling techniques.

Through the specialised use of data integration, advanced data manipulation, and analytical modelling, Deepak has identified, retrieved, and analysed clients' data, and then delivered actionable strategic insights that they can use to make informed and evidence-based decisions.

Deepak's work for major clients across Australia and North America has included: text analytics, predictive modelling, geospatial analytics, cost reduction analytics, targeted auditing, customer analytics, AML/CTF compliance, sanctions transaction system optimisation, financial loss quantification and analytical support for investigations across a range of industries.

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Financial Services

Know Your Trader: Deepak provided two of Australia's major banks with “Know your Trader” analytics services. The program was able to identify fraudulent behaviours through text concept searching, contextual text searching, and social network analytics of trader’s chat and email communications.

Customer analytics: Deepak worked with Australia’s largest marketing and loyalty services company in providing granular segmentations for two of their credit card loyalty programme clients (both major Australian banks).

AML/CTF compliance: Deepak provided one of Australia's major banks strategic and tactical analytics advisory services for the bank’s Customer Identification Project to address findings from AUSTRAC on areas of non-compliance with its AML/CTF obligations.

Sanctions: Deepak provided one of Australia's major banks with tactical analytics advisory services to optimise the bank’s sanctions transactions processing system. This involved the creation of swift messages being processed through the system iteratively while modifying system parameters and thresholds to maximise true positives and minimise false positives exceptions.

Customer analytics: Deepak provided a classification model to allow one of North America’s largest banks to target customers for several marketing campaigns. The result of the model was 2.5 times uplift on top of prior targeted analytics work done in-house.

Customer analytics: Deepak provided one of Australia’s largest superannuation organisations with a customer churn model to help identify customers for a retention and reactivation campaign. 

Federal and State Government

Forensic investigation: Deepak was involved in a forensic review of surgeon billing for a Government department.  He used data analysis of millions of records to initially identify anomalous transactions for further review, and subsequently identified anomalous and potentially fraudulent claims and services. 

Targeted auditing: Deepak provided a Government department with analytic models to help target its client base for non-compliance auditing. 

Mining Oil & Gas

Contract compliance: Deepak led the technical implementation of an analytics-based risk analysis of contracts for a large Australian miner, combining both traditional structured financial analytics with unstructured text analytics to identify contracts for targeted forensic reviews. This engagement required the analysis of accounts payable data as well as unstructured data from procurement activities to provide an analytical risk assessment of the client’s contract portfolio.  


Dispute: Deepak led the technical analysis for a large telecommunications company in a dispute with a government regulator over the requirement that the organisation consider telecommunication pits as workplaces, which would mean stringent annual OH&S safety checks. Deepak developed a model using geospatial analysis and graph theory to present to the regulator the unfeasible costs for maintaining these pits as workplaces.


Accounts payable: Deepak provided a large multinational construction company with risk mitigation analytics across its accounts payable process to identify fraud, cost savings and any process deficiencies. Through the fraud analytics module a fraud was identified, resulting in the termination of an employee.


Cyber breach: Deepak led the technical analysis for a potential cyber breach on a web application utilised for student course applications for a major university. The work involved the analysis of application, firewall, and system logs to identify any malicious internal or external activity.


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