David Cominos is a specialist revenue partner with significant experience in income tax, capital gains tax, GST, stamp duty and other revenue and tax related work. 

David is considered a leader in his field and regularly advises government owned corporations as well as private companies on tax structuring, tax issues and complex revenue matters. 

David has over 30 years of experience advising on the revenue law implications of a range of transactions and understands the tax, drafting, legal and financial issues involved in financial transactions, mergers, business acquisitions and disposals, property developments, associated financial arrangements, joint ventures and other specialised vehicles.  David is also experienced in establishing Australian structures for foreign investors and restructuring trusts used for public investment.

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Income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and GST: Providing income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and GST advices to a wide variety of clients of the firm, and specialist revenue law advice to or through accounting, legal and other professional firms.

Acquisitions and disposals: Advising on acquisitions and disposals of many forms of business and business structure including scrip for scrip disposals and earn out arrangements.

Financial planning and wealth advisory businesses: Advising financial planning and wealth advisory businesses on a range of issues including structuring, amalgamation and disposals.

Resource projects: Advising on revenue law implications of establishing and restructuring resource projects.

Requests for Ruling: Preparation of requests for Ruling in respect of a range of income tax and GST matters.

State government departments: Providing revenue law advice to a number of State government departments, particularly in relation to GST issues and in relation to the tax and CGT implications for other parties with whom the departments are dealing or entities in which they have interests and advising a number of government owned corporations in relation to revenue law matters including issues arising under the Tax Equivalents Regime.

Queensland Duties Act: Preparation of applications for corporate reconstruction relief under the Queensland Duties Act.

Property developers: Providing revenue law advice to large, medium and small property developers.

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Taxation Disputes

Tax disputes: Conducting and advising on several landmark pieces of litigation in the constitutional and revenue fields and negotiating the settlement of a range of tax disputes. 

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