08 Mar 2010

Our Expertise at Clayton Utz

What is special about your area of expertise?

Our Expertise

Brad Vann, Partner - Banking & Financial Services

Major projects is fascinating because it gives you an insight as to how society operates. It really lets you understand the social trappings of society, effective electricity is usually the first thing, clean water is the second thing, proper transport facilities is the third then you have education, proper hospital treatment and so on and major projects deals with all of the infrastructure that supports those various aspects of society which really lift you from a developing society to an advanced society.

Kathy Santikos, Partner - Banking & Financial Services

The banking and finance lawyer needs to have a very solid understanding of a number of different areas of the law, for example contract law, corporate law, property law, tax law and trust, just to name a few. I can honestly say that after 11 years of practice I'm still developing as a lawyer and I believe it is also a very attractive field for young lawyers because it is a highly transportable skill set, you can work overseas or in-house if you wish.

Niro Ananda, Partner - Private Equity

Private equity is a great space to be working in, it's grown over the last few years. We get to work for clients who invest or look to invest in different businesses across vastly different industries. That's very interesting from a lawyer's perspective because you get to see different businesses and how they operate and it allows us to take the Clayton Utz approach to different firms, different businesses and truly understand their business and hopefully add some value to them.

Kate Jordan, Partner - Media & Telecommunications

Media and telecommunications is an amazing industry to work in. It's a very interesting political and social landscape and there is a very diverse type of workspace so one day you'll be doing regulatory work, other times you'll be doing major M&A transactions and sometimes it's all about corporate, very strategic corporate and commercial work so the variety is also very interesting.

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