08 Mar 2010

Our Expertise

What is special about your area of expertise?

Our Expertise

Linda Evans, Partner - Competition

Competition law involves an interesting mix of strategy, economics and law and it's the interaction of those different areas that is critically interesting for me. I think it means that you're dealing with cutting-edge matters that are often at the forefront of innovative change. If you take national competition policy for example, that's had enormous impact on the Australian economy and is essentially the subject-matter that I practise day-to-day.

Doug Jones, Partner - Construction & International Arbitration

The initial interest that I had in Construction was to be associated with something which was real and which one can relate to in a physical sense. We lawyers often don't really see the end of the product that we help to create, but when one is building something and contributing to doing that, you can see standing for years afterwards that which you have contributed to. And as I moved from that into the international dispute resolution area in International Arbitration, I found there that there was some fascinating cross-cultural issues which was the challenges that needed to be solved and understanding different legal and commercial cultures is really the most exciting part of International Arbitration.

Gary Best, Partner - Real Estate

The work I do inevitably leads to things on the ground - bricks, mortar, infrastructure, major developments, whole new precincts, whole new suburbs - and I really enjoy the fact that I can see how it has an effect on people's lives: where they work, where they play, how they grow and develop with their families. So I feel that I have made a real contribution to those sorts of things that affect people in a day-to-day sense.

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