10 May 2011

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Kathryn Pacey specialises in environment and town planning law.

Kathryn talks about what makes her area of law so exciting
Kathryn Pacey, Partner. Environment and Planning

What is your name and practice area?

My name is Kathryn Pacey and I'm a partner in the Environment & Planning Group.

Why did you choose this area of specialisation?

I have a science degree majoring in environmental management and it's an area that I've always been quite interested in. When I first started practising I started doing planning law, which I also developed quite a strong interest in, so both aspects of environment and planning is something that I have developed a very keen interest in. Especially working in Queensland with areas like infrastructure and mining development it's something that really is a developing and growing area.

What are some of the current trends you are seeing in your area?

In Queensland at the moment our biggest trend is infrastructure delivery including delivery of our water grid in South East Queensland. Because of the flood and cyclone recovery we're also seeing infrastructure rebuilding as quite a major area in Queensland at the moment. Mine development and managing environmental aspects of mine development and our new and emerging L&G industry are also emerging areas in Queensland.

What have you enjoyed most about your career at Clayton Utz so far?

There are two things I really enjoy about working at Clayton Utz. One is the quality of work that we are involved in and the second is the people. Because of our place in the market, the work that we do is always very high-profile, very innovative and very interesting work. We also have a number of highly regarded specialists who are at the top level in their area of expertise and they are great and very exciting people to work with.

As a new partner at Clayton Utz, what are you looking forward to most? 

One of the things I'm really looking forward to is building on our practice group's reputation in the market place. We have a great reputation in environment and planning in the marketplace and the kind of matters that we've been involved with particularly over the last 10 years are very high-profile and very innovative in Queensland. So, I'm looking to build on those areas of expertise that we've developed moving forward.

If you could be anything other than a Partner at Clayton Utz, what would you be? 

A trust fund child.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I have a six month old daughter and a very needy golden retriever so spare time isn't actually something that I do have. Perhaps I dream about what I'd do in my spare time.

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