23 Aug 2011

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Dan Trindade has returned to Clayton Utz as a partner in our Workplace Relations, Employment and Safety group after successfully founding a leading boutique workplace relations law practice.

Dan Trindade talks about what makes his area of law so exciting. 
Dan Trindade, Partner, Workplace Relations Employment and Safety

Tell us about your practice

In workplace relations we cover all sorts of issues that deal with employees, people issues - so through occupational health and safety, industrial relations, employment law, creating policies, drafting employment contracts, anything to do with people for corporations, we do it.

How does practising in a boutique compare to a large law firm?

Fundamentally the work is the same. We are still focused on delivering pragmatic commercial and quality timely advice to clients. The main difference with working in a firm like Clayton Utz is the breadth of support that we get given. We have a great support team and a very large team and we can deliver that work quicker, more efficiently and hopefully in a way that helps me to meet clients' needs better.

How do you keep on top of this constantly evolving area of law?

We have got a very big national team and it's a team of experts. The benefit of that is that we constantly bounce ideas off each other. We interact with each other on a daily basis, and we learn from each other and that's a really good thing. It's that team environment that helps bring out the best in your knowledge combined with things such as a CLE program and just the natural knowledge that you gain when you are passionate about an area.

What aspect of your work do you have a particular passion for?

I really like doing enterprise bargaining. Enterprise bargaining is assisting companies in setting up their workplace arrangements that will govern the next three, four, even five years of their working life. It's a great area because you can actually get results that provide wins all round, that are good for employees, good for the company, good for shareholders and they can set the course for a company and provide certainty for everyone involved and to creating a good workforce, a good working environment and profitability for organisations.

Workplace relations is set to grow. Where do you see this growth occurring?

I think occupational health and safety is one of the big ticket items. There are new national uniform occupational health and safety laws that are coming out and will be effective from 1st January 2012 and those laws have prompted a lot of interest and a lot of debate and they are laws I think that people need to take very seriously.

There are also increased areas of industrial action and adverse action which are new areas under the Fair Work Act or expanded areas under the Fair Work Act and we are starting to see those new laws as the case law develops being used more innovatively both by lawyers but also by unions and by the courts to create different scenarios and environments which can be quite challenging for employers.

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