25 Jul 2019

FLOW: Forensics, technology and the future of legal services 06: Regulatory Investigations

When organisations are responding to a regulator, they are faced with the challenge of identifying issues, intelligently managing and analysing high volumes of documents, often on very tight timeframes.

Having access to cutting-edge technology and resources helps to manage, sift through and make sense of huge volumes of data – quickly. With the use of Relativity, a web-delivered evidence management platform designed to collate, analyse, search, act and report on data, we can efficiently support work relating to commercial litigation, investigations, regulatory matters and statutory notices in a cost effective way – saving our lawyers' time, and our clients' money.

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I'm here today talking with Katie about some of the challenges we encounter dealing with large volumes of data and documents in investigations, litigation and regulatory enquiries.

I think in today's litigation and disputes investigations landscape, data and document management is such a crucial part of what we do and what we deliver for clients.  The sheer volume of data together with the complex issues that we're grappling with and what's invariably a very challenging timeframe depending on the forum means that we can face many difficulties in being able to deliver what we need to.

When we talk about one problem being the volume and it's almost trite to say that volume is increasing but what are some of the other challenges, things that I've noticed in recent matters for example are some of the different systems that we're encountering for our clients in investigations for example, whether it's client relationships, management systems, compliance systems and the like.

Yes absolutely, I think there's so many different sources of data that's so essential, no matter whether it's a piece of litigation or a regulatory investigation that you're dealing with, you need to be able to synthesise all of that information in order to be able to get the full and complete story and put together the defence that you need to be able to develop and I think from working with your team, Relativity has been able to do that for us, the way that the FTS team processes the data and then provides it to the legal team allows us to really get under what's happening despite the source of where the data's come from.

I think that's one of the really enjoyable things about our work is the closeness of our working relationship with our legal teams and bringing a platform like Relativity to bear to analyse this information, whether it be through the application of machine learning technology or visual data analysis to ultimately empower you to assist our clients in solving their challenges.

Yes, absolutely and I think overlay on that is the time factor and so obviously in today's society where everything is so fast paced we need to be doing things immediately and the ability of our teams and Relativity to work so flawlessly together means that we don't waste any time getting the documents and then starting the analysis which is really critical from our point of view and particularly to deliver to our clients what we need to.