03 Mar 2020

Cyber breach risks 01: Introduction

In a cyber breach, it's easy to lose sight of all the moving parts. Paul Fontanot introduces our new video series which aims to help you keep sight of what you need to do.

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Welcome to the CU Cyber series.  In the series we're going to be focusing on the cyber aspects that clients need to be focused on.  What we will have and you will notice within the series is information around crisis management and the different facets that come into dealing with that particular crisis.  What we will also talk briefly about is how you go about protecting your environments and detecting how things actually occur within your environment.  Not only is it managing the crisis with the different facets of people involved but you also need to understand how the breach occurred, what occurred and how much information has actually leaked out of your organisation.  So therefore the investigation component.  We also talk about some of the legal issues.  So the data privacy as well as what needs to be disclosed in the data notification.  We'll talk about some employee related issues because most of these data leaks are employee driven.  We also focus on the insurance component.  You know who is liable and therefore how can you claim and we also talk through some of the public relations matters, as you can imagine dealing with your particular stakeholders and communities are important.  So please enjoy the series and then take away whatever information that is relevant for you.  So thank you and enjoy.