01 May 2015

Clayton Utz launches safety and environment critical incident response app

Clayton Utz has launched a first-of-its-kind interactive app to guide companies through the critical first 48 hours of responding to a serious safety and/or environment accident or incident.

The CU SAFE (Serious Accident, Fatality and Environmental) Incident Response app provides a step-by-step guide on what to do in the event of a serious accident or incident by particular type - workplace health and safety, electrical, petroleum, gas, mining, pollution or contamination.

CU SAFE sets out by State and Territory the legal reporting obligations that apply depending on the location of the incident. It also contains practical tips on how to contain the situation, minimise risk to people, property or the environment, and notify the relevant authorities.

"We know from experience that the first 48 hours after a serious safety or environmental incident are the most critical," said Clayton Utz Workplace Relations and Safety partner, Shae McCartney. "We wanted to make it make it as easy as possible for people to quickly and decisively respond to a range of scenarios.

"Even experienced environment and safety professionals and managers can find themselves and their incident response process derailed by conflicting demands and priorities. That means the interests and safety of workers, protection of the environment and the company's legal position are at risk," said Shae.

Clayton Utz Environment and Planning partner Claire Smith said a key feature of the app was its versatility. "The CU SAFE app can be loaded onto any desktop and mobile device and has offline capability so that it can be used in remote locations. It is unique in providing practical steps and tips that will guide any individual - be they an
environment and safety professional or manager, on-site manager, a member of operational staff, or one of the company's lawyers - through those critical first steps in responding to an environment or safety incident. CU SAFE is an extra pair of safe hands."

CU SAFE is a joint initiative of the Clayton Utz Workplace Relations and Safety and Environment and Planning teams.

To find out more about CU SAFE, please contact Clayton Utz via this link

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