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2015: “Dynamics, discretion and diversity - A recipe for unpredictability in international arbitration?” by Hilary Heilbron QC

About the lecture

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the International Arbitration Lecture series, which continues to attract guest speakers from the four corners of the world to give their insights into the challenges facing international arbitration.

The 2015 lecture:

  • explored the extent to which unpredictability is inevitable in the process of international commercial arbitration;
  • examined the causes of such unpredictability;
  • enquired why this is a price parties are prepared to pay for a bespoke form of dispute resolution; and
  • considered whether there are ways in which such unpredictability can be addressed or minimised.


About the speaker

Hilary Heilbron QC is a highly regarded international arbitration and commercial litigation counsel, acting for a wide range of national and international clients in very substantial disputes.

She has appeared as leading counsel in the Supreme Court, House of Lords and Privy Council. She also regularly sits as an international arbitrator and is a qualified mediator.

Hilary has been appointed as a party nominated arbitrator, institution appointed and sole arbitrator and has chaired many tribunals of leading international arbitrators. Her appointments often relate to parties from around the globe and many involve foreign law.

Hilary currently holds positions as:

  • Member of the LCIA Court
  • She is on the panel of arbitrators at HKIAC, SIAC, KLRCA, the Court of Arbitration to the Polish Chamber of Commerce, and is a registered ICDR arbitrator
  • Member of the ABA, IBA, and LCIA


She is a regular speaker at both arbitration and international litigation conferences and has contributed articles to various journals on both subjects and is the author of “A Practical Guide to International Arbitration in London”.

  • Admitted as a Legal Practitioner in New South Wales, Australia. Member of the New South Wales Bar Association
  • Vice President of the Association of Lancastrians in London
  • Fellow of ACICA, Sydney, Australia
  • Deputy High Court Judge
  • Bencher of Gray's Inn
  • Senior Vice Chair of the IBA Rule of Law Forum
  • Biographer of her late Mother: “Rose Heilbron: Legal Pioneer of the 20th Century: Inspiring Advocate who became England's First Woman Judge”


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