Data analytics

You're worried there are problems lurking in your organisation, but you don't know where. Are your financial processes best practice? Or those of the company you're looking to acquire? And what about your supply chains – what's happening in them?

Our data analytics team can find problems and give you clear, actionable advice on how to deal with them.

We can efficiently detect and investigate error, waste, misuse, abuse, corruption, or non-compliance through the power of big data and statistical and qualitative analysis, in conjunction with explanatory and predictive models, to guide and identify issues and areas warranting further review. We use reactive and preventative methodologies to leverage the information contained in large-scale, structured and unstructured client data sets, such as:

  • bespoke analytical solutions to support regulatory or managerial inquiries into specific areas of risk;
  • retrospective analysis of financial processes;
  • partnership with internal audit programs to independently test control mechanisms; and
  • continuous control monitoring.

We help our clients by developing bespoke legal technology solutions on our web enabled platforms. Some of our solutions including workflow automation, document automation, AI powered contract review, and data rooms.

With our data room service, you get peace of mind without compromising momentum and efficiency of the deal.  We connect clients and other stakeholders with the data they need to reduce risk, increase competitive tension, and give their deal the best chance of success.

We regularly assist clients by project managing due diligence, and contract review and analysis. And with the rise of modern slavery and other ESG concerns, we also offer integrity due diligence to give you insights into your business partners or supply chains, so you can make an informed assessment of your current or proposed business relationships.



Our Solutions

  • Financial process analytics
    • Accounts payable
    • Payroll
    • Time & expenses
  • Bespoke analytical solutions
    • Payment compliance
    • Supply chain analysis
    • EA modelling
  • Innovative business solutions using technology
    • Contract analysis
    • Contract management
    • Document automation
    • Process solutions
  • Data Rooms

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