Business and Human Rights

Other lawyers will give you the law.

We'll give you the way forward.

Now that human rights are being reflected in hard law and serious compliance obligations, smart businesses (and their lawyers) are seeing the synergies between modern slavery, human rights, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, antitrust, environmental protection and worker safety.

And not getting to grips with your exposure can be an expensive mistake. Besides the obvious reputational risks, there's financial risk, market and operational risks, breach of directors' duties, and litigation risks such as consumer law action or shareholder class actions to consider.

We integrate law, analysis and technology to interrogate your operational systems and data (including your global business supply chains), calling on our Forensic & Technology Services team to work with our specialist lawyers where necessary, so you can identify and deal with all aspects of your risk and compliance burdens at once.

We'll help you build a value-based compliance culture, backed by hard analytics, to keep you on track.

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