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Infrastructure projects, particularly when linear, often need to be constructed and operated on and through multiple types of land tenure, whether private or public.  While statute can overcome some tenure obstacles, in most cases the infrastructure must accommodate the underlying land tenure, as well as other existing interests or rights in the land, rather than the other way around.  This affects the nature of the interest or rights the infrastructure owner or operator can acquire in respect of the land.

Understanding the nature and content of the underlying land tenure and any other interests in the land is, then, fundamental to assessing the viability, cost, and general risk of an infrastructure project.

Over this two-day practical intensive you will consider and gain a real understanding of the rights and limitations associated with different types of land in Queensland as you consider a hypothetical pipeline project, stopping at each parcel of land to consider the underlying tenure and whether and how you can construct and operate the pipeline and associated infrastructure.  The project will wind its way through the familiar and the less familiar types of land in Queensland.  The focus will be on the interests and rights you need – and what you might need to give up in return – to make the project a success.

Who should attend our Land Tenure for Infrastructure Projects Intensive workshop?

Government and private sector employees of any level involved in land tenure and land assessment aspects of infrastructure projects.  This intensive will also be highly useful for those employees who regularly deal with different types of land tenure in Queensland in other areas.

What we'll cover
  • Land tenure in Queensland generally
  • Fundamentals relating to acquiring interests in land (including registration)
  • The different types of private tenures generally
  • State leasehold land
  • Permits and licences
  • Unallocated State land
  • Indigenous land
  • Public land (trust land under the Land Act 1994, protected areas, State forests and more)
  • Submerged lands (tidal and non-tidal)
  • Roads (State-controlled roads and local government roads) and stock routes
  • Other transport corridor land (including rail)
  • Land (including freehold land) when it is subject to limitations (for example, a registered covenant) and private interests and rights
  • The types of interests available to an infrastructure proponent (including the easement)
  • And more...
What you'll learn

You will gain a real understanding of the different types of land in Queensland and what interests and rights are (and are not) possible, and which ones are appropriate for an infrastructure project


Event Details
26-27 November 2019

8.45am for 9.00am - 4.30pm
$2,746 per person
$2,471 per person if booking two weeks before the workshop
$2,334 per person if in a group of three or more 
Clayton Utz Brisbane
Level 28, 71 Eagle Street 

Further information:
Phone 1800 882 110

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