Information and Data – Challenges for Government – Webinar Series


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Information and Data – Challenges for Government – Webinar Series

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Recommended CPD point allocation: 3 points (excluding WA).

Now more than ever data and personal information holdings are high value assets which have intrinsic and extrinsic value as tools to drive efficiencies in a number of ways including through more targeted and focused service offering and service delivery.

This presents a number of challenges and issues for entities, including public sector organisations that hold and use data and personal information to perform their functions and deliver services to the community, especially as governments move to digital platforms and digitisation for service delivery.

The key issue for public sector organisations is to ensure that the use of data and personal information in this manner and that the march towards digitalisation are consistent and comply with relevant regulatory requirements.  In the immediate and long term, this means public sector organisations must take a range of actions, including continual compliance monitoring, pursuing legislative amendment, undertaking community consultation and developing trust in the use of data and personal information, and developing information governance arrangements.

This course will discuss the key legal and reputational barriers and risks for public sector entities, and highlight and identify solutions and steps to take in dealing with these issues and moving towards digitalisation. The course will also discuss emerging issues and developments, including what's next for the Productivity Commission's review of Data Access and Availability.

Who should attend our Information and Data webinar series?

  • Public sector information officers
  • Public sector policy officers working in the information policy area. 

What you'll learn

You’ll gain an understanding of:

  • The key concepts and “jargon” in this area

  • The key legal risks nd challenges for public sector organisations in the use of data and personal information in the “digital age”

  • Practical solutions and steps to deal with and manage the legal risks and challenges

  • How to design effective data governance structures. 

Session 1 – Key concepts

  • An overview of the key concepts in this area including "big data", "data analytics" the "internet of things" or "synthetic data" and "digitisation".

Session 2 – Key legal risks and challenges: Information Privacy

  • When is data “personal information”?

  • How agencies can respond to information privacy issues

  • Key learnings from the case law.

Session 3 – Key legal risks and challenges: secrecy, recordkeeping, security and ownership

  • Sharing data and personal information and restrictions under statutory confidentiality provisions

  • Data as public records

  • Digitalisation

  • Security and systems requirements.

Session 4 – Effective governance structures and emerging issues

  • Designing effective data governance structures

  • Ethical issues

  • Emerging issues, including a discussion of the emerging issue of data rights under the Productivity Commission's report on Data Availability and use.

Dates: Dates will be scheduled on a needs basis. To register your interest please click the 'register' button below or email [email protected]

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm (AEST Brisbane)

Cost (inc GST): $400 per person (complete four session series package) 

Unable to participate in one or more webinars from this series? We will be recording each session and we welcome you to register directly with us for the series. Just let us know which webinar/s you are unable to be a participant. Phone 1800 882 110 or email [email protected]

Further information: Phone 1800 882 110 or email [email protected]

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Recommended CPD point allocation: 1 point per webinar (excluding WA).
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