Human Rights Act – Putting the Theory into Practice


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A human rights charter has been mooted for Queensland for decades – but with the Human Rights Act now actually to commence on 1 January 2020, there is now a pressing need to make sure that you and your organisation have the skills needed to be HRA ready. 

This workshop will focus on the scope of the human rights protected by the Human Rights Act, how to apply them to your decision making and will include practical exercises to reinforce what has already been said about the Act's key operative provisions.We are very pleased to co-present this workshop with Barrister and highly experienced legal trainer in human rights matters, Ms Kylie Evans.  Kylie has over 15 years experience advising both Government and non-Government entities on human rights issues, including the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.  Kylie has appeared in many of the landmark cases and has written a leading text on human rights law in Victoria.  Kylie has also delivered detailed training programs for Government entities on how to apply the Charter in practice.  

This workshop will present real life examples on how the Human Rights Act will impact Queensland Government entities and help you to develop the skills necessary to manage the risks.

Who should attend our Getting Ready for a Human Rights Act for Queensland workshop?

Anyone involved in developing legislation and policy for Government, outsourcing projects or making decisions which potentially affect the human rights recognised by the HRA.

What we'll cover
  • Which public entities will be subject to the Act and caught by its obligations. This is particularly an issue for outsourcing arrangements where private entities are delivering public services
  • A review of the key rights likely to be relevant to the public sector, including the right to recognition and equality, privacy and reputation, protection of families and children and the right to health services and education
  • How to apply the rights to real life situations, including carrying out a proportionality analysis
  • Our tips for reviewing legislation, policies and contracts for Human Rights Act compliance.
What you'll learn
  • How to determine when the Human Rights Act is relevant to a particular act or decision
  • Knowledge of some of the key rights covered by the HRA – and how to go about applying them to your decision making
  • A method for conducting and recording a human rights proper consideration analysis
  • A proposed approach for reviewing legislation, policies and guidelines to minimise the risk of Human Rights Act legal challenges.
Event Details
29 October 2019
8.45am for 9.00am - 4.30pm
$1,374 per person
$1,237 per person if booking two weeks before the workshop
$1,168 per person if in a group of three or more 
Clayton Utz Brisbane
Level 28, 71 Eagle Street 
Further information:
Phone 1800 882 110

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What our clients say about our Human Rights Act – Putting Theory into Practice

"The session has reinforced my thoughts that extensive training is required including training targeted at front-line service delivery staff."

"Thank you for a very good session with just the right level of explanation."

"This is just the beginning of my journey in this space but what a great start."

Support when you need it the most

As a participant of our program you'll have comfort in knowing that you can depend on us for ongoing support. Whether it be two weeks or two years after the workshop, you can call us at any time for a short, no-cost consultation.