Negotiation – The End Game


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“Bring them to their senses, not to their knees – the power of negotiation!” William Ury.

This course is essential to consolidate the lessons learned in the Intensive Negotiation Skills and Negotiation – Breakthrough Techniques workshops. It draws together the theory and practice of negotiation with a more advanced level of exercises.

Who should attend?

This program caters for experienced negotiators who have attended Intensive Negotiation Skills and Negotiation – Breakthrough Techniques.


What we'll cover

Day one

  • Brief overview of the key learnings from Negotiation – Breakthrough Techniques
  • Negotiation breakdown – causes and cures
  • Ten guidelines for effective negotiating
  • Avoiding being coerced
  • The power of silence
  • Trade-offs – why they are essential
  • Helping the other side to agree
  • The necessity for deadlines
  • The role of time
  • What if I can’t cut a deal?
  • Recognising needs
  • The art of deciphering everyday conversation
  • Is strategy necessary?

Day two

  • Five key steps to reduce conflict
  • Tension reduction
  • Making options more desirable
  • Multi-party multi-issues – how to emerge from the fog
  • Changing competition to collaboration
  • What to do when the other side is being difficult
  • How to manage risk and select the right options
  • Third party intervention (a crucial technique) – when, how and who?
  • A wrap-up for the rest of your life.
What you'll learn

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the negotiation process and will acquire the skills to negotiate in a highly sophisticated, low-cost and effective way.

Event Details
Dates are scheduled on a needs basis.
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8.15am for 8.30am - 4.30pm
$2,746 per person
$2,471 per person if booking two weeks before the workshop
$2,334 per person if in a group of three or more
Clayton Utz Brisbane
Level 28, 71 Eagle Street

Clayton Utz Sydney
Level 15, 1 Bligh Street

Clayton Utz Melbourne
Level 18, 333 Collins Street

Clayton Utz Perth
Level 27, 250 St Georges Terrace
Further information:
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