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Drafting TTCC Contracts – Webinar Series

The Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions (TTCC) framework is the basis for Tasmanian government organisations to purchase ICT products and services. This six part webinar series will introduce the TTCC framework and provide a guided demonstration of how to complete a TTCC contract, as well as an explanation of the key issues and tips for addressing them in the contract. The webinars are for anyone involved in drafting TTCC contracts for government, including procurement officers, IT professionals and legal advisors. Legal experience is not required. 

Please register your interest. We will schedule this webinar series shortly. To register your interest please click the 'register' button below or email [email protected]

Session 1 – Introduction to the TTCC framework

  • Overview of the TTCC Framework
  • Anatomy of a TTCC general and comprehensive contract
  • Comprehensive contract modules and schedules
  • Introduction to the user guide and contract decision tool
  • How Standing Offer Arrangements work under the TTCC framework.

Session 2 – Completing a TTCC Contract – Details (Part 1)

  • A commercial principles approach to drafting contracts
  • Products, services and deliverables
  • Requirements, Specifications and Documents
  • Additional Provisions
  • Term
  • Customer Inputs.

Session 3 – Completing a TTCC Contract – Details (Part 2)

  • What is a PIPP and when do you need one?
  • Stages
  • Liquidated damages
  • Key personnel
  • Acceptance testing
  • Intellectual property rights.

Session 4 – Completing a TTCC Contract – Details (Part 3)

  • Escrow
  • Liability - how to assess loss and set the liability cap
  • Insurance
  • Bank guarantee and performance guarantee
  • Termination for convenience.

Session 5 – Completing a TTCC Contract – Module Orders

  • As a Service
    • Subscription period
    • Delivery and deployment models
    • Supply through a reseller
    • Liability for data loss.
  • Systems Integration
    • When to use the SI module
    • Dealing with multiple releases
    • Implementation methodologies
    • Detailed specifications.

Session 6 – Completing a TTCC Contract – Schedules

  • Pricing models
  • Price adjustments
  • Service Levels and Service Credits
  • Acceptance testing. 

Cost (inc GST): 

$600 per person (complete 6 session series package)

$100 per person (session 1 only)

$500 per person (sessions 2-6 only)

Unable to participate in one or more webinars from this series? We will be recording each session and we welcome you to register directly with us for the series. Just let us know which webinar/s you are unable to be a participant. Phone 1800 882 110 or email [email protected]

Further information: Phone 1800 882 110 or email [email protected]

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What our clients say about our Drafting TTCC Contracts Workshop

"Cameron was an excellent communicator and presenter, with great relevant industry experience and a communications style that enabled him to convey complex legal issues in a form that is practical for occasional contract authors like myself to understand and quickly make use of."

"The slide pack was very professional, well thought through, clearly including relevant examples for our workplaces. I would highly recommend it to anyone else who is involved in authoring TTCC contracts."

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