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At Clayton Utz, we're constantly challenging the way things are done. Find out what it's like to work with us and how you can build your career. 

Ashley Tsacalos

Ashley Tsacalos Partner, Sydney

"I leave the office at 4pm twice a week to work from home and this gives me the opportunity to spend the evening with my children which I thoroughly look forward to. I consider myself to be very fortunate to work for a firm such as Clayton Utz that strongly supports and encourages flexible working arrangements."

Phillip Morgan

Phillip Morgan Data Integration Engineer, Sydney

I started in the Office Services team at Clayton Utz in 1993 with a degree in Mathematics and a willingness to learn. Grateful for the opportunity to do something other than hospitality work, my expectations from CU were simply for a short stint in a corporate environment, before moving on to the Finance sector.

Almost 25 years later I continue to enjoy a varied and fulfilling career at Clayton Utz. 


Majella Pollard

Majella Pollard Partner, Brisbane

"I have been at CU for over 10 years now, and put simply, I would not be here without the ability to work flexibly. I love work, but I also want to be very involved with my children, as well as assisting at the school and local community. So for me, I want to work part-time.

But flexible work arrangements should not just be for people who have children. I know a part-time lawyer who focuses on art on their day off."

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen Partner, Perth

"I joined Clayton Utz straight from university as a wide-eyed graduate. There are many reasons why I joined the firm (the primary one being I somehow convinced my interviewers to offer me a job), and numerous reasons why I have remained. From graduate to partner I've had the benefit of counsel and support from generous colleagues, and been offered opportunities that could only arise from a firm of Clayton Utz's calibre." 

Hai-Van Nguyen

Hai-Van NguyenPro Bono, Senior Associate, Sydney

In 2015 I trained as a yoga teacher and I had this general sense that I would one day like to teach classes at Clayton Utz. I wasn't about to abandon my legal career, in the hopes of becoming the next Shiva Rea or Rodney Yee. My goals were much more modest. If I could get a handful of lawyers to attend my class, maybe they would see the benefits of carving out a little time for themselves and they would realise that yoga wasn't just for free-spirited hippies.