A diverse and inclusive workforce

Diversity at Clayton Utz includes diversity of thought, background, experience, personal circumstances, education, religion, sexuality, gender, age, cultural background and ability/disability.

Inclusion, of course, goes hand-in-hand with diversity.  The combination helps to generate new ideas, creates more effective teams and relationships, and is key to attracting, developing and retaining the very best people.

Gender equality

We want to make Clayton Utz an environment in which women have every opportunity to succeed. We have a detailed Gender Strategy and Action Plan and our many initiatives include setting gender targets, implementing the Law Council of Australia's Gender Equitable Briefing Policy, and improving the parental leave experience. Clayton Utz is a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.


Flexibility is an absolute priority and we have a dedicated National Flexibility Manager. Flexible work practices are important to our male and female employees and are not simply about part-time work or caring for children. A flexible work environment is vital for our employees to be able to balance their unique and changing needs during different life and career stages. 

LGBTI inclusion

Clayton Utz is a member of Pride in Diversity (the Australian employer support program). Integral to our diversity and inclusion strategy is our LGBTI program which focuses on such things as fostering an LGBTI-inclusive culture within the firm, connecting with the broader LGBTI community, developing internal policies, training and education. Our efforts have made a huge impact on the firm and our people. After having received the 2016 AWEI (Pride in Diversity) Achievement Award, we are proud to be a 2017 and 2018 AWEI "Gold Employer". We are the only law firm in this unique category.  This is a testament to our dedication, drive and vision of an LGBTI-inclusive workplace. 

Cultural diversity

We want Clayton Utz to be a culturally sophisticated firm that maximises domestic and regional business benefits through outstanding cultural intelligence. We're talking with thought leaders about cultural diversity, gathering and reporting data on cultural diversity and focusing on professional development for cultural diversity and inclusive leadership. We are proud to be an active member of the Asian Australian Lawyers Association, and in March 2017 we committed to the Managing Partners (of large law firms) Cultural Diversity Charter. 

Accessibility and inclusion

The mental health and psychological wellbeing of our workforce is something we take seriously at Clayton Utz.  This is why we offer a range of resources to help our people whenever they need it, and we regularly look for new ways to support and develop the resilience of our people.  We are taking steps towards inclusion for people with other disabilities including through the implementation of a Workplace Adjustment Policy, development of an Access and Inclusion Plan, and our membership of the Australian Network on Disability (AND). 


Momentum is our diversity & inclusion network and activity program. It has evolved from being focused on gender to embracing all diversity streams, celebrating both difference and commonality.  It's about nurturing an inclusive environment for our people that will maximise their opportunities for business success and career satisfaction.