Clayton Utz's Perth office is at the western end of St Georges Terrace and the central business district, overlooking the beautiful Swan River.

Our street address

Level 27
QV.1 Building
250 St Georges Terrace
Western Australia

Tel: +61 8 9426 8000
Fax: +61 8 9481 3095
V-Card: Clayton Utz - Perth

Our postal address

Clayton Utz
GPO Box 9806
Western Australia 6848

Visitors and accessibility

Access to Perth

Approach to CU Perth

The Perth office is located within the QV1 Building Level 27, 250 St Georges Terrace, situated between St Georges Terrace and Hay Street in Perth City, offering easy vehicle access to/from Perth's Mitchell & Kwinana freeways and a short walk to/from Perth Station. You can find accessibility information on the Transperth website.

Cars, taxis and ride share vehicles can drop off on Hay Street or Milligan Street.

Entry to the QV1 Building can be via St Georges Terrace or Hay Street. If entering via Hay Street, please be aware of the pond which is located to the right side of the retail area as you enter from Hay Street.

The overall route through to both entry points of the QV1 Building and to Clayton Utz offices is wide and step free.   

Image of Perth office   
Image of Perth office   


The entrance to the Perth office is signed with an Clayton Utz branded logo and is step-free. The entry doors to each floor consists of an auto glass sliding door on the western side of the floor and an auto door on the eastern side of the floor, all with swipe access. The overall route through all entry doors to the tenancy is wide including disability access.

The main reception desk has been designed to accommodate wheelchair users, the lowered section of the counter is next to the reception seating on the right hand side.

Reception staff will be able to respond to specific requests or requirements from visitors with disability, for example accessible pathways, requests for different seating, changes in lighting, access to hearing loops etc. in meeting rooms.

Security Gates and Doors

The security gates have been designed to accommodate wheelchair users. The gates are monitored at all times and our security staff will operate them for you / your visitor.


Passenger lifts serve each floor in the building and have been designed to accommodate wheelchair and visitors with disability. QV1 Building Concierge services are available to assist those with mobility impairments with access to the lift safely.


There is on-site car parking available for visitors with disability. Parking spaces must be pre-booked. Please contact Tony Romeo [email protected] mob. 0419 903 914 or Stuart Burke [email protected] mob. 0427 236 998 to make the necessary arrangements.


Induction loops - hearing

An induction loop is available in the Perth Office. Please ask Reception staff for further information.

Wireless Access

Guest Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. Please ask at reception for further details.

Catering and restaurant facilities

In most instances catering will be delivered to your meeting room. However, accessible catering facilities are also available by contacting the Catering or Reception Team. Please ask any member of the team if your visitor requires assistance and advise the catering team in advance of any special dietary requirements prior to the visit.

Assistance animals

Guide dogs or any animals trained to assist people with disability are welcome. Water can be provided by our catering team.  The team can provide a moisture absorbent mat.


Accessible bathrooms are located within the male and female toilets on each floor. There is also an All-Gender bathroom on Level 26.


Evacuation Instructions for mobility impaired visitors

In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation, visitors with disability, who are unable to manage the stairs will be evacuated by emergency services. A warden or first aid officer will wait with anyone who cannot evacuate via the stairs.

Please follow this procedure in the event of an evacuation:

  • Escort your guest to one of the refuge points at the fire stairs as soon as the alarm sounds. The refuges are located in the lobby of the staircases on each floor and are protected from the effects of fire and smoke. Do not use refuges on staircase unless you have to.
  • Use the emergency telephone (in the red box) to notify Security that you are in the refuge.
  • Security will be able to identify your location through the Fire Control Centre.
  • Security will then bring the fireman’s lift to your location and evacuate you.

Furthermore, it is essential that any person with impaired mobility notify the Floor Warden immediately to obtain clear instructions in the event of an evacuation.

All mobility impaired persons are to assemble at the Warden Intercommunication Phone (Red Phone) in the care of the Floor Warden.

No attempt should be made to descend the fire stairs.

The Floor Warden will advise the Chief Warden of any mobility impaired persons requiring assistance.

The Floor Warden will advise the Area Warden and the mobility impaired persons to proceed to the alcove in the fire stairs.

On arrival of the Fire Brigade, information will be passed on and rescue will be affected.

If the situation on your floor becomes unsafe, the Floor Warden will, after advising the Chief Warden, move into the fire stairs with the mobility impaired person or persons and await rescue.

This procedure must also be followed during an evacuation drill exercise.

The fire stairs provide a safe haven in the event of smoke or fire. They are fire isolated. If fire stairs are pressurised, this is to ensure no smoke enters the fire stairs and provides a breathable atmosphere.

Perth evacuation diagram

Perth evacuation diagram

Key Contacts

Head of Premises: Kim Vella -  (02) 9353 4482 / 0410 430 931

Operations Manager: Tony Romeo - (08)9426 8208 / 0419 903 914

Senior Manager - Health, Safety and Wellbeing: Julio Bara - (02) 9353 4307 / 0466 928 271