Restructuring and Disputes 

Distressed investors are increasingly considering opportunities in Australia across a number of key sectors and industries.

Like any sophisticated jurisdiction, the potential for contentions involving commercial parties is always a risk, particularly in an increasingly active class action litigation environment.

Explore the latest themes in the Australian restructuring and disputes market.

Greg Williams and Emily Tranter explain why companies operating in Australia need to carefully consider climate related risk, and ensure they are disclosing material risks and have a reasonable basis for any climate related claims

Here's what else you need to know. 

There has been a number of significant developments to the Australian litigation funding and class action landscape. Hear from Greg Williams as he explains these changes and the impact on the Australian class action industry
Greg Williams and Alexandra Rose explore the big changes in the Australian litigation funding landscape as a result of the Brewster decision in late 2019 and its impact on litigation funding capital in Australia
Karen O'Flynn describes the trends and challenges in Australian restructuring
Colin Loveday explores the issues and trends in Australian class actions

Learn more about Australia's restructuring and disputes environment

  • From Red to Black is our publication analysing the key developments in the Australian restructuring market.    
  • There are various forms of external administration to manage insolvent companies in Australia, and this is explored in our practical guide for overseas investors Doing Business in Australia.
  • Colin Loveday and Andrew Morrison explain the basics of Australian class action law in this chapter excerpted from Global Legal Group's International Comparative Legal Guide to Class Actions 2017.  

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