Foreign investment in Australia 

We anticipate continuing strong interest from foreign investors, with Australian assets remaining attractive for offshore buyers. Together with our strong economy, stable political environment and close proximity to key markets within Asia-Pacific, we offer international investors a safe, well-regulated and supportive place to do business.

View the latest in legal and market developments for foreign investment in Australia. 

Australia has delivered robust economic performance compared to other developed economies, however it is not immune to the pressures faced by the global economy. Hear from Bruce Cooper as he provides an update on the economic climate for 2019
The Australian M&A market is steady for foreign investment, and it'll be interesting to see how regulatory concerns for high profile or sensitive M&A plays out in the next 12 months, says Rory Moriarty
Ken Saurajen discusses the technology landscape and Australia's position as world leader in quantum computing


Here's what else you need to know. 

May 2018 - Bruce Cooper gives an update on the economic climate for the first half of 2018 and the key industries providing opportunities for foreign investors
Rory Moriarty describes the current foreign investment landscape in Australia
October 2017 - Bruce Cooper discusses the key growth sectors in Australia and why we remain one of the more attractive global destinations for foreign investment
Mark Friezer discusses the tax implications and options for commencing business in Australia
Nikki Robinson gives an update on Australia's Real Estate environment
Kelvin Ng sets out the main indirect taxes impacting foreign investment

Doing Business in Australia

Doing Business in Australia is a practical guide for overseas investors considering investing in Australia.  It covers Australia's economic, legal and regulatory environment.  Learn more in the chapters below.  

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