How is Clayton Utz responding to Coronavirus COVID-19

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The safety and wellbeing of our clients and employees are of the utmost importance to us. Like many businesses, we are taking precautionary measures to minimise the potential risks of COVID-19.

It is an evolving situation so we will continue to update our response and this page to reflect the latest knowledge, expert advice and best practice in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Frequently asked client and employee questions

Our ongoing response to COVID-19

We have implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our Partners, employees, clients, and visitors to our offices, and minimise the potential spread of COVID-19.

We have increased cleaning measures in all of our offices including hourly bathroom and kitchen cleans, an onsite cleaner for all high touch points in the office including meeting rooms.   We are abiding by all physical distancing measures based on WorkSafe Australia guidelines.

As Federal and State Governments continue to ease restrictions, we are enacting a phased approach to safely return people to work in our offices.

Our planning is aligned to all restrictions imposed by State and Federal Governments, and designed and implemented in consultation with our people and other stakeholders including building owners. 

Visitors to our offices and in office client meetings

To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that you observe the following measures when visiting our premises:

  • Check in via the QR code at our reception desk.
  • Adhere to the physical distancing signage.
  • Please use the hand sanitisers and wipes available.

Adhere to meeting room set-ups and limiting meeting room numbers.Visitors to our offices are asked to make alternate arrangements (such as online meetings) if one of the following applies:

  • you have attended an exposure location in the last 14 days.
  • you have undertaken domestic or international travel in the last 14 days that is not consistent with State and Federal Government guidelines.
  • you have had contact in the last 14 days with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.
  • you are experiencing symptoms of cold / flu including cough, sore throat, fever etc. 

How prepared is the firm generally?

To ensure we can maintain a quality of continuous service to our clients, to protect the wellbeing of our staff, and to minimise the damage or impact that any unexpected event or emergency could have on our normal business operations, we have a comprehensive Crisis Management Plan (CMP), Business continuity plans (BCPs), and IT Disaster Recovery Plan.

The plans are reviewed every six months and tested at least annually. The firm's planning takes into account our critical business activities, key dependencies and likely scenarios including loss of personnel, infrastructure, premises and technology interruption.

The firm has established a Crisis Management Teams and Alternate Crisis Management Teams. These teams have been trained in the firm's Crisis Management Protocols as set in the CMP.

In relation to the current Covid-19 situation the firm also has a:

  • Pandemic Policy; and
  • Critical Incident Protocol for Influenza.

How robust is the firm's technology and work from home capability?

Our IT systems can support all of our partners and lawyers working from home if necessary using a combination of VPN and Virtual Desktops. We have additional resources available to support teleconferencing and videoconferencing requirements for remote working. We are ensuring that we maintain our high levels of cyber security awareness in line with our ISO27001 certification while working remotely.

What about printing and dealing with original documents?

For those working remotely, we have also considered practical matters such as printing documents and obtaining original documents from safe custody.  Contingency arrangements include:

  • Safe custody documents: These are retrieved online and so can be transacted from any location. These would then need to be collected and delivered.
  • Printing documents: Documents required to be printed can be printed in the office and then delivered to our people at their home. We also have a third party service provider who is able to print documents for the firm.

What additional precautions is the firm taking to minimise COVID-19 risks?


We have suspended all international travel.   

Essential work-related domestic travel is permitted where consistent with all State and Federal Government requirements.

Events and catering

Any events held must be consistent with our health and safety policies and prevailing Australian and State Government guidelines.

We are encouraging our partners and employees to continue to limit internal events, and to ensure compliance with Australian and relevant State Government social distancing and maximum capacity requirements in all cases. 

Meeting guidelines

We are asking all partners and employees to consider convening meetings by telephone or VC.

We have implemented meeting guidelines which include requiring visitors to our offices to declare if they have returned from international travel and whether they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 following a visit to any of the Clayton Utz office, please advise your usual Clayton Utz contact.

We are encouraging attendees at meetings to avoid physical contact and not to shake hands. We are also providing hand sanitiser in common areas across office floors and at entry/exit points of our building foyers.

Contractors and suppliers

All contractors coming on site are required to log into the firm's contractor management systems and to declare whether they: have recently travelled internationally, have recently come into contact with anyone who has tested positive to COVID-19; or are experiencing fever, coughing, or other flu-like symptoms. If so, the contractor is not allowed to enter our premises.

Health & wellbeing / personal hygiene

We have sought independent medical advice to guide the firm's response.

We have held internal meetings via videoconference on the mental health impacts of COVID-19. We are working with our EAP service provider who is monitoring and reporting on, increases or trends in employee assistance requirements.

We have provided increased hand sanitiser and hand washing products, as well as putting up posters and decals in all of our offices on the importance of safe distancing and personal hygiene.

We have facemasks on hand for those that would like to use whilst attending our offices.

Any of our partners and employees who are not feeling well and/or are experiencing flu-like symptoms have been directed not to attend the office.