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5 results for industrial relations reforms.
  1. 1. New workplace laws: Secure Jobs, Better Pay – what, when and how?   Significant changes will be made to the Bill are likely over the coming weeks, so employers must stay updated with its evolution.  Article, 4 Nov 2022
  2. 2. Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill to be introduced to Federal Parliament next week, but how far it goes is still unknown  The Federal Government has moved on workplace relations reform with the announcement this morning that it will introduce the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill to Federal Parliament on Thursday 27 October 2022.  Article, 19 Oct 2022
  3. 3. How will potential changes to multi-enterprise bargaining affect employers?   Employers should take note of any developments in single or multi-enterprise bargaining so they are fully aware of their changing obligations and duties.  Article, 26 Sep 2022
  4. 4. Jobs & Skills Summit 2022 – a recap   With the doors now closed on the Jobs & Skills Summit 2022, the Albanese Government has pledged legislative reforms to enterprise bargaining including multi-employer bargaining, modification of the “Better off Overall Test” (the BOOT) and access to flexible work arrangements. Changes will come quickly, with a commitment to immediately commence the necessary policy reviews and have legislation before the Parliament prior to Christmas.  Article, 6 Sep 2022
  5. 5. Jobs & Skills Summit 2022 – reform agenda for Australia’s labour market  Productivity, upskilling and increased engagement are key targets for the Australian Government’s Jobs Summit 2022, to future-proof the labour market.  Article, 1 Sep 2022